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I have a bought more than 10 pairs of shoes from Herring and their service were excellent.
After further email, they replied back they were still waiting to receive stock from the manufacturer (in which did not mention in their confirmation of order). Eventually the shoes arrived today with perfect condition. The shoes are perfect BUT their service is really poor (in comparison with other online shop like Herring and Bespoke England) and I don't think I will order any shoes from them anymore.
At last I have bought the Olive colour Cavendish with size 8 and it suits extremely well.
I have placed an order (cheaney imperial collection) in soleyshoes via internet on 17/1. Apart from deducting the money from my credit card, I haven't received a single word about the progress nor shippment even though I sent email to them twice. Have anybody got similar experience recently ? and what should I do for the next step ?
still haven't bought it yet as not sure about the size I am wearing EG last 888 size 8.5, Lobb last 9795 size 8. Any suggestion for the size of Cheaney last 207 ?
I am looking for a pair of loafers BUT still struggle whether to buy an olive color or mahogany. Any advise on how to pair with olive color loafers such as color or style of pants ? Many thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC I gave in to temptation; The style and color of this loafer looks gorgeous. I am tempting to get one as well BUT wonder what kind/color of pants would suit this olive loafer.
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