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I dont' think there's that much of a deviation with these. I would say they are about one full size big.. not sure about the width.
Alright.. somebody make me a reasonable offer on these beautiful boots.
price dropped 5 bucks
price dropped 10 bucks
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe i love red wings. i am actually looking for a pair with steel toes and sole. these really are beautiful boots. The color is amazing and the construction is solid.
Only worn twice and they're just too big for me. I took a chance with half a size down, as they run large, but I really need a full size down. I would recommend these for someone who takes a size 10. Regularly $199 I'll sell them for $135 shipped Info from Cultizm: Style: 6 Lace Up 1907 D - european edition Color: vintage Brown Details: 100% Leather Made in USA - relaunched for Europe Hand made in the US Waterproof Leather Sizing: Red Wings are oversized. For the right...
Quote: Originally Posted by berlin report Yesterday, at the jewish memorial Sharp. And I like that jacket. Who makes?
wow.. so those 32s actually measure 35.8 inches?
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