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Yeah. Asides from the hip pockets, it's essentially a longer version of the Beeswax from FW13. Maybe a bit slimmer in the arms.
Finally got my hands on the basketweave Rock. The fabric (Night) is lighter and woven looser than I expected, but it drapes much more nicely than a standard wool coat because of it. It's more rigid and heavy than the fuzzy Dusk fabric, though. The arms also fit a bit more trim than the dark navy melton-esque Rock coat at Gravitypope, though, which is a bit curious.
I agree. There were still some tartan parkas floating around on Gilt for $180, last time i checked. Would be nice to pick up on sale.
Me too. They'll have a black model, but I'm hoping for a brown as well.
So the last two decade collaborations are a capsule collection with New Balance, and Viberg Service Boots. Looks pretty promising.
All the Schneider is 30% off at Suspension Point. Really wishing I hadn't bought so much stuff earlier this week. (Somebody please buy my Cone coat so i can buy other stuff.)
FW14/15 collections are 30% off at Suspension Point. A lot of Schneider, some Bless, Peir Wu.
I was a bit tempted by the bandanna. But it's functionally very similar to those $40 merino wool Buff scarves, and the styling seemed a bit more discreet on the Buff scarves as well.
Fabric selection changes too. But every season has its 'core' styles, which are only slightly adjusted. The devil's in the details, as always...
Agreed, rock coat shoulders are crazy slim--a full size slimmer than the tagged size, i feel.
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