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Yeah, sleeves need to be shortened for sure, maybe 2/3s of an inch would do the trick. Honestly I didn't even realize what was going on in the back until I took these photos. The costs of alterations might drive it into the territory of some decent MTM tailors around here. Hm.
Here are a few photos. My lighting was quite yellow, so they're much lighter in appearance than they appear here. Two of these are going back--what do you think?Lazio Blue Plain, 34R [[SPOILER]] You can see some of the uneven puckering in the Sienna shoulder; I angled the lights in the closeup shoulder shots to emphasize it.Sienna Blue Birdseye, 34R [[SPOILER]] Sienna Navy Birdseye, 34RThis is the Sienna that fits half an inch bigger in armholes, chest, and pants....
It's very comfortable, that's for sure. It feels like it fits very close and natural, though I find it wrinkles in strange places when you move. Kind of temperamental.The upper sleeve is a bit slimmer than the Lazio, even. And the padding is light but feels kind of fluid; i agree.Maybe you need to look like Michelangelo's David for the ideal fit--slim, muscular, but very lean everywhere.I thought so at first, but the model photos don't display this, and the puckering...
Just bought a few SS suits (2 Siennas in S130s Birdseye and a Lazio in S120 plain worsted). Here are a few observations: The Siennas hold wrinkles much easier. I'm not sure if this is because of the coarser birdseye weave, or the finer wool. The Siennas also both have strange vertical wrinkling/puckering at the shoulder seams, and the lack of structure there lets the inside seam show through the fabric via slightly raised ridges. I'm waiting to see if they smooth out...
3.5 cm by my measurement on a 34R.
This season isn't *that* bad. There's just a lot of filler, but most pieces would be good staples. Nothing I'd want at full price, but a lot that I would be really happy to pick up on end-of-season sales. Bush pants are going to fit differently, too. Hopefully more like the tokyo pants.
Just got in my Strongworks as well. Overall impression is quite good, considering they're half the price of SDs. Since they have no stretch, I sized up two to fit my disproportionate thighs (wear 28 in the Keirins), and they pretty well. I'll need the waist taken in an inch, but I expected that. Fabric isn't as nylon-ey as I had feared--feels similar to the SDs to the touch. They are pretty rigid and tightly woven, but overall not too different from cotton on your...
Hm. Gonna take a risk and size up for a bigger pant leg, and take in the waist. Hopefully the Supplex cloth is as breathable as the Dungaree fabric. Though Outlier says it has a *larger* leg opening than the SDs, which is the opposite of what the measurements suggest.
I'd recommend sizing up on the German Cord pants. They're *very* thick. I'm between a 29 and 30 in the regular west points, and I had to size up to a 32 in the German Cords. The cut isn't different, but it's a lot tighter all around because of the thick fabric. You really feel it in the hip and thigh of the pant. I do size by my thighs and not by waist, though, and I couldn't wear the 32 because it way too big in the waist.
Some really big drops on the main webstore--65% off seasonal items. Not too many good pieces to begin with, but there are a few. Edit: Ninja'ed
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