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I've seen the Mission Workshop pants in person; a lot of people wear them around my local bike shop. The cut looks very good. Their stuff is cycling/performance oriented as well (their bags are built like tanks).
Yep, I also feel the same way about their pricing scheme. I just bought my Keirins on closeout a few months back, and I don't know if I'd want to pay retail for the OGs or Dungs. Couple that with the fact that the construction isn't the best (no felled seams, loose stitching), and it's just enough to make me think twice. There are a lot of Schoeller-using companies on the upswing, though, like those Lunis pants that were on Kickstarter a while ago. Hopefully, more...
Aether also makes a few shorts.
No, but I've never heard anything good about Underarmour. It's purportedly one of the few options if you have a mesomorphic body type, but that's it.
Proof NY just launched preorders for their new jeans at $125. It seems to be their answer to the Dungarees. It looks like denim, with its nylon-cotton blend, but it looks like the cheap sort. At the preorder price it's probably reasonable.
You can exchange sizes with the preorders, but you obviously can't refund them, since it is a preorder. A few will definitely end up in the marketplace. But yeah, I'm sure they will sell very quickly, even at retail.
I got a new pair of slim dungarees shipped back to me today, after I sent back a pair with really terribly stitching. The construction on the new pair seems alright, but it's not stellar overall. I'm surprised more people don't point this out. They were kind enough to pay for return postage and ship it via express parcel internationally, which was very nice of them. Konrad was also helpful as well.
There's that Ten C Nylon microfibre parka: http://www.fransboonestore.com/ten-c-parka-black It's a lot pricier than the ace hotel one, though.
Preorders for the Frozen Waves Merino Coat on the NMWA thread. A reissue is dropping this fall, and they'll be $850-$950. There were three colours to choose from, with a 10% preorder discount. Pertinent link here.
I also agree with the comments about Cone being more flat and even-textured. It doesn't mean it's worse--it's just a different aesthetic. I'm no industry insider, but profit margins on jeans are very high. The simple fact that there are so many upstart boutique brands buying Cone and Japanese selvedge, selling at the $200 price point, and constantly growing is testament to the fact that selvedge jeans are a relatively low-cost, high-yield product. Take Gustin, for...
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