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3.5 cm by my measurement on a 34R.
This season isn't *that* bad. There's just a lot of filler, but most pieces would be good staples. Nothing I'd want at full price, but a lot that I would be really happy to pick up on end-of-season sales. Bush pants are going to fit differently, too. Hopefully more like the tokyo pants.
Just got in my Strongworks as well. Overall impression is quite good, considering they're half the price of SDs. Since they have no stretch, I sized up two to fit my disproportionate thighs (wear 28 in the Keirins), and they pretty well. I'll need the waist taken in an inch, but I expected that. Fabric isn't as nylon-ey as I had feared--feels similar to the SDs to the touch. They are pretty rigid and tightly woven, but overall not too different from cotton on your...
Hm. Gonna take a risk and size up for a bigger pant leg, and take in the waist. Hopefully the Supplex cloth is as breathable as the Dungaree fabric. Though Outlier says it has a *larger* leg opening than the SDs, which is the opposite of what the measurements suggest.
I'd recommend sizing up on the German Cord pants. They're *very* thick. I'm between a 29 and 30 in the regular west points, and I had to size up to a 32 in the German Cords. The cut isn't different, but it's a lot tighter all around because of the thick fabric. You really feel it in the hip and thigh of the pant. I do size by my thighs and not by waist, though, and I couldn't wear the 32 because it way too big in the waist.
Some really big drops on the main webstore--65% off seasonal items. Not too many good pieces to begin with, but there are a few. Edit: Ninja'ed
Huge discounts on Wings + Horns at their official webshop. 65% off seasonal items. Too bad most of the season is garbage, but a few decent things over there.
Yeah. Asides from the hip pockets, it's essentially a longer version of the Beeswax from FW13. Maybe a bit slimmer in the arms.
Finally got my hands on the basketweave Rock. The fabric (Night) is lighter and woven looser than I expected, but it drapes much more nicely than a standard wool coat because of it. It's more rigid and heavy than the fuzzy Dusk fabric, though. The arms also fit a bit more trim than the dark navy melton-esque Rock coat at Gravitypope, though, which is a bit curious.
I agree. There were still some tartan parkas floating around on Gilt for $180, last time i checked. Would be nice to pick up on sale.
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