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Finally pulled the trigger on the Schneider Rock coat in the navy basketweave. Greg and Kyle were graciously patient with my waffling over sizing and shipping. They also fixed my problem with not seeing the FC sale prices. Great customer service!
Haven has 20% off site wide, with code BLKWKND.
They had a BF/CM sale two years ago, the year they launched their webstore; it was 20% off storewide. Last year, I don't think they did anything, since they're trying to play up the exclusivity of their brand. Now that they have a retail location, it wouldn't surprise me if they did a little something, but I wouldn't expect much.
Hm. I got the FC email, but I can't see the sale prices either. I initially had my login account set to a different email, but I recreated an account with the FC email just now. Am I missing something? Tried looking at items from the "Clothing" categories as well as "Makers".
Pretty close. Maybe change that last step a little bit ;pMmm, this is true. I'm just afraid of being hit by a huge customs bill, since European clothes not covered under NAFTA are a ridiculous 30% or so.
I know it's a big favour to ask, but would an incredibly kind American be willing to proxy me something from NMWA to Canada?
The Shank uses the same doubleweave workcloth as the Slim Dungs, right? I'd almost describe the fabric as "spongy" in feel. There's a bit of stretch, but it stretches out only minimally. The outer face is quite rough, but it drapes pretty well for a synthetic fabric. It also doesn't hold creases at all.
15% off outerwear at Havenshop.ca, with code OUTER15. There's a lot of Veilance, SISP, Junya, Visvim, etc.
+50 = 94,450
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