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The Shank uses the same doubleweave workcloth as the Slim Dungs, right? I'd almost describe the fabric as "spongy" in feel. There's a bit of stretch, but it stretches out only minimally. The outer face is quite rough, but it drapes pretty well for a synthetic fabric. It also doesn't hold creases at all.
15% off outerwear at Havenshop.ca, with code OUTER15. There's a lot of Veilance, SISP, Junya, Visvim, etc.
+50 = 94,450
M-Back looks like nothing more than a fancy fleece. The wool fleecing will probably pill like crazy. The pants look a bit like sweatpants, too. But the freeshell looks pretty nice.
Is it $1200? That's pretty much in line with W+H standards nowadays. Canada Goose's premium line, Branta, clocks in at about the same amount. Still wouldn't buy it, though. A puffy down parka is a puffy down parka, no matter how much you dress it up.
German Cord pants are pretty nice. Well, their pants are always good staples. I don't really care for much else this season, though.
This might be a stupid question, but is the cardholder designed as a wallet? Can it hold credit cards and folded bills? I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, but you only mention business cards in the product description.
+30 = 86,665
Will Canadian shipping rates be free as well? Or will you go by the international rates?
The Juncus looks uncannily similar to the AW11 Cone Coat (which I have now decided to sell). 1 fewer button, slightly less pronounced collar. There's a few drops on GravityPope. Juncus in Magnet and Arctic, Rock in Dusk and a black melton fabric. Sage bomber in black too. Also a lot of cardigans.
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