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M-Back looks like nothing more than a fancy fleece. The wool fleecing will probably pill like crazy. The pants look a bit like sweatpants, too. But the freeshell looks pretty nice.
Is it $1200? That's pretty much in line with W+H standards nowadays. Canada Goose's premium line, Branta, clocks in at about the same amount. Still wouldn't buy it, though. A puffy down parka is a puffy down parka, no matter how much you dress it up.
German Cord pants are pretty nice. Well, their pants are always good staples. I don't really care for much else this season, though.
This might be a stupid question, but is the cardholder designed as a wallet? Can it hold credit cards and folded bills? I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, but you only mention business cards in the product description.
+30 = 86,665
Will Canadian shipping rates be free as well? Or will you go by the international rates?
The Juncus looks uncannily similar to the AW11 Cone Coat (which I have now decided to sell). 1 fewer button, slightly less pronounced collar. There's a few drops on GravityPope. Juncus in Magnet and Arctic, Rock in Dusk and a black melton fabric. Sage bomber in black too. Also a lot of cardigans.
Stephan Schneider Cone Coat Sz IV From A/W11 Frozen Waves collection, in the Moss fabric. Never worn, only tried on a few times. Original retail price was $1000. Beautiful fabric and the style, but not quite proportioned to my body. Fits TTS for a IV, with subtle waist suppression. Slightly padded shoulders gives the coat a structured look--shoulders measure narrow, but fit larger because of the padding/cut. 4 buttons. Quilted lining. Lined sleeves. 2 hip...
Looks like the next anniversary project is Canada Goose x W+H. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing.You just missed out. FW13 was the last year of W+H tiger fleece. It's been 'discontinued' and moved to Reigning Champ, so if you want to buy one brand new, look for it there. If you're looking for fleece, perhaps the double brushed fleece hoodie. Cabin Fleece is super-thick and has a sort of thin perforated lining bonded to the inside of the fleece. I suppose it...
Can you give us more info about how the KS pledge levels will work? What if we want to pick up multiple reward levels (for instance, two early bird pledges for satchel and briefcase). Will your reward tiering allow for that? Because as far as I know, it's 1 pledge per account on Kickstarter. Also, will you be shipping to Canada? And will it cost extra?
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