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Guess I'll try contributing, toothpick arms and all.+ 30 = 84,830
Giro (the cycling brand) has a collection called "New Road." It's aimed at cyclists, but it has a lot of minimalist tech stuff. A good number of soft shells and packable windshells. The pants and shirts also have a lot of stealth tech features (tech fabric, nycore merino, gussets, hidden vents/pockets/reflective strips) and are designed to be worn in sets, with passthrough pockets and such. Made in China, but i've handled the pieces and construction/fabrics are...
See, that might be my problem. My thighs are disproportionally large to my waist, and the 28 Keirins actually fit me perfectly (no pucker or flare anywhere, slim to my legs, but lots of room to move/use pockets comfortably). Do your keirins pucker from being too wide or too loose? I'm wondering if i could do the SDs in a 30 as well...
It really is a shame that they discontinued the Keirins. The fit and fabric was fantastic; I wonder if I could achieve a similar fit by sizing up on SDs and taking in the waist.
Found some curious advice on your leather care page: The bags look fantastic. I agree that I'd like to see pocket layout. I'll be looking forward to the Kickstarter launch!
Second delivery on Suspension Point looks to be up. Algae coat in black, and the burhead trousers in black and grey.
While we're on the topic of old coats, this one has been sitting in my closet for a while. It's the Cone coat from Frozen Waves in a IV. I'm usually between III and IV, and I can't decide if this one is too big--especially in the shoulders/arms. What do you think? Should I keep or sell?Shoulders rise up a bit with arms open: [[SPOILER]]
Tried on a few of the new pieces at gravitypope. The Poa cardigan definitely is roomier, and a bit longer for schneider knits. The Rock coat is really nice as well, though the shoulders/arms are very slim. I'm between a 3 and 4, and the size 5 Rock coat fit me in the shoulders, with only a light sweater underneath.
I've seen the Mission Workshop pants in person; a lot of people wear them around my local bike shop. The cut looks very good. Their stuff is cycling/performance oriented as well (their bags are built like tanks).
Yep, I also feel the same way about their pricing scheme. I just bought my Keirins on closeout a few months back, and I don't know if I'd want to pay retail for the OGs or Dungs. Couple that with the fact that the construction isn't the best (no felled seams, loose stitching), and it's just enough to make me think twice. There are a lot of Schoeller-using companies on the upswing, though, like those Lunis pants that were on Kickstarter a while ago. Hopefully, more...
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