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Hm. Gonna take a risk and size up for a bigger pant leg, and take in the waist. Hopefully the Supplex cloth is as breathable as the Dungaree fabric. Though Outlier says it has a *larger* leg opening than the SDs, which is the opposite of what the measurements suggest.
I'd recommend sizing up on the German Cord pants. They're *very* thick. I'm between a 29 and 30 in the regular west points, and I had to size up to a 32 in the German Cords. The cut isn't different, but it's a lot tighter all around because of the thick fabric. You really feel it in the hip and thigh of the pant. I do size by my thighs and not by waist, though, and I couldn't wear the 32 because it way too big in the waist.
Some really big drops on the main webstore--65% off seasonal items. Not too many good pieces to begin with, but there are a few. Edit: Ninja'ed
Huge discounts on Wings + Horns at their official webshop. 65% off seasonal items. Too bad most of the season is garbage, but a few decent things over there.
Yeah. Asides from the hip pockets, it's essentially a longer version of the Beeswax from FW13. Maybe a bit slimmer in the arms.
Finally got my hands on the basketweave Rock. The fabric (Night) is lighter and woven looser than I expected, but it drapes much more nicely than a standard wool coat because of it. It's more rigid and heavy than the fuzzy Dusk fabric, though. The arms also fit a bit more trim than the dark navy melton-esque Rock coat at Gravitypope, though, which is a bit curious.
I agree. There were still some tartan parkas floating around on Gilt for $180, last time i checked. Would be nice to pick up on sale.
Me too. They'll have a black model, but I'm hoping for a brown as well.
So the last two decade collaborations are a capsule collection with New Balance, and Viberg Service Boots. Looks pretty promising.
All the Schneider is 30% off at Suspension Point. Really wishing I hadn't bought so much stuff earlier this week. (Somebody please buy my Cone coat so i can buy other stuff.)
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