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For versatility, should I get an oxford gray or navy peacoat?
I'm looking for a peacoat that will last and be warm enough for the Texas winters (gets down to maybe 25 at the coldest). Would this be too warm?
Who makes a good pair of chinos? I would prefer to not pay too much over $100 per pair.
Do you have any suggestions for something under $400 then?
I'm sure this has been covered multiple times in the thread, so I apologize in advance for this, but I am unable to read through the large amount of pages to find the answer. I went on ToJ's website, but it looks like all of his products are unavailable. Is he currently not taking new orders, and if not, when is he going to open up again? edit: Never mind, I believe I found his blog post mentioning that it's unknown when he will come back.
I've tried sending Pediwear an email regarding Loake sizing, but I haven't been able to get a response out of them yet. I was wondering if someone could help me determine the proper size, if I wear a size 10.5D (US sizing) in Florsheims. I really want to get these right on the first time so I don't have to deal with returns to the UK.
I found two that I believe that I like. Would either of these be more suitable towards wearing on the weekend with some denim? I'm assuming the wingtips are more informal and better suited for wearing out on the town, but I just wanted to double check. (in brown)or
Ooops I could have sworn that I included that, but upon further inspection of my post it looks like I didn't. I'm willing to spend ~$300-350 tops.
I'm not sure if this question is more appropriate for this forum or the streetwear and denim forum, but I'll try here first. I'm having issues finding a decent pair of brown derbies to wear out on the weekends with a nice pair of dark denim. What would be some good companies to check out aside from Allen Edmonds (I didn't see anything that caught my eye there)?
What would be a good color of brown to go with charcoal and navy slacks, as well as denim on the rare occasion?
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