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Quote: Originally Posted by SeanathonHuff Murakami is fantastic. I am eagerly awaiting the English translation of 1Q84.
Banana Republic is having a 30% off sale online. I know it isn't very SF-approved but there's this straw fedora there that I really like.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Shia is a no no no no no no ... I like the jacket he's wearing and I like Michael Douglas's sportcoat.
Quote: Originally Posted by lamergod Another actor that has really caught my eye is Neal Caffrey A.K.A Matt Bomer. One of the reasons I started watching White Collar was because of his fashion sense. But above all else it's one heck of a show. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by imschatz maybe an eating contest? Maybe when you're trying to down a 20 pound steak and you don't want to get A1 sauce on your tie. Take off the tie? Problem solved!
I wear my black suit about 2-3 times a month and a dry clean it once a year.
I cannot think of a time where this action would be appropriate.
Wait. Did you actually go through all of these episodes and screenshot photos for this slideshow? To answer your question though, the tie + jeans thing gets old fast. I guess you can maybe borrow a cardigan or two.
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