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If only I wore glasses....
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I usually wear one to P Diddy's annual White Party.
I just googled BTC Clothing and came up with virtually nothing. This looks sketchy. I would avoid.
Yeah. The thing is, I need to buy a new pair fairly soon so I doubt I'll have the luxury of scouting Ebay or B+S for a good pair. I might just grab the Sebagos then. Thanks
I'm currently looking around for some penny loafers in the $80 range and I've noticed that both of these brands fit that. I know that the quality isn't on par with Alden or C+J or similar, but how are they compared to each other (or any other brands in the price range you could recommend)? EDIT: Yes, I know I spelled Sebago wrong.
most of Lady Gaga's new album
WW Chan is highly spoken of on this forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by 2839EL I know this will make most here cringe but I kind of rock the "Jerry Seinfeld" look: blue jeans, running shoes and a polo shirt. TIA Oh, god.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow What's that Seiko model?
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