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Wow. That movement looks beautiful. If I knew anything about restoring watches, I would have definitely bought this!
I have two blondes and an asian right now. Might add a brunette if I come across one that's good quality.
another one for Sperry A/Os. Fantastic shoes.
Either would be fine. I'd say it would depend more on the shirt/tie, but brown is probably your more generic safe bet.
Their mens line is appropriately titled 21Men and the quality is pretty bad. I have a few items of clothing from H&M and they are far superior to most of what 21Men has to offer. I've heard that their ladies' line is cheap enough so some girls go in fully expecting that their purchases will wear out come mid-Fall.
I'm normally not one for patterned sport coats but this is just too fine. (Or it could just be extended exposure to SF for my change in opinion)
I always hit up these stores when I'm in bigger cities since a major (expected) issue is that they only carry brands that are sold in the area. So since there is a lack of Nordstroms, N&Ms, BB outlets, etc. I rarely see anything worth buying in my TJ Maxx.
Quote: Originally Posted by Samovar McGee Incredible; a touch screen calculator watch. I need one. It's actually a phone watch.
Quote: Originally Posted by chiggah where can i buy uniqlo online as international customers ? You can't; you need a proxy.
If only I wore glasses....
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