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+1Even though this isn't Hermes, I still feel like I can finally post something on this thread.[/IMG][/URL]
I am planning on buying a pair of Grados, since I don't own any full-size cans and a newer pair of Shures. That is, unless I can justify buying a pair of Westones. The Westone 1s are fairly affordable, but I'm not sure if they're that good. There are a few bags here that look pretty good for the price. What do you guys think?
I am curious as to whether or not this love of high quality extends to other areas of one's life, including personal audio. I'm loving my Shure SCL2s.
I was at Target today and I remembered this thread, so I bought a few pairs of argyle socks (in purple, teal, and burgundy). Awesome purchase.
Quote: Originally Posted by godofcoffee On the theme of Veblen, I think that people generally undervalue the sociological aspects of conspicuous consumption. If I splash out $5000 for a Maison Martin Margiela suit (recognizable by perhaps one in twenty thousand people), am I somehow more refined than somebody who pays $2000 for an instantly recognizable Prada suit? The suit isn't any more useful to me; I've just paid $5000 just so that I can have the...
I'm normally not a fan of Gucci, never have been. (Even before I started perusing SF) But the this article and the featured pair might be changing my view.
I would argue that these are examples of Veblen goods, which operate contrary to the law of demand. Wikipedia defines this as "a group of commodities for which people's preference for buying them increases as a direct function of their price, as greater price confers greater status"
I like the suit. It would definitely not be "casual", but I can see it being worn for day wear and the like.
Yeah, seems like not very US-friendly.
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