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Thoughts? Mainly, is this even a man's bag?
I know most people may not agree with me here, but for an "entry" pair of raw denim, Levis isn't too bad. I've seen raw selvedge on sale for under 100. Granted, it's not the *best*, for your first pair it won't hurt.
+1I've seen some Cole Haans on sale for under 100 as well and Sebago is usually sub-100 too--both good options.
A pair of Sperry topsiders and some brown penny loafers. They work excellently in all standard casual venues with the latter being an option in more business-casual areas as well.
If it helps, I was at Macy's today and I found some nice Timex's in a similar style to the J Crew ones. I think the prices run around 40-50 bucks and they had a nice canvas strap with a vintage-esque dial.
I don't have any actual hands-on experience, unfortunately. This is just based on what I've read online and through various reviews and such.
So i just bought these lovely very light pink shorts and I'm wondering what all I could wear with them. I know the standard white, light blue, and some other pastels could work, but what else? Thanks
If you do decide to get an amp, I'd take the e7 over the uDac2
I strangely remember someone else selling some DVDs like these a while back. Needless to say, he was met with a barrage of hilariously sarcastic comments.
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