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Quote: Originally Posted by dieselman89 Their shirts are fantastic. I also get compliments on their dress shirts. I never spend more than $65 on a dress shirt and in that market, HB are some of the best dress shirts style and quality wise. Couldn't agree more. Hugo Boss makes fantastic shirts. As for the suit, my tailor himself recommended that I stay away. Good advice.
Quote: Originally Posted by echau Took this pic with my phone: I officially want that watch and your phone.
I like the suit, but I'm not too fond of the socks. But please, refrain from the hot-pink socks to match the jacket lining.
I'm really digging the shoes. Nice one
The suit is great-- really nice fit. I definitely like it. The watch isn't bad either.
http://us.burberry.com/product/index...entPage=family Burberry is the king of tote bags.
H&M, Macy's, PRL, CK outlet
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