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Yeah, I like it. I shop at H&M every now and then knowing that the quality is bad, but everything I've bought from there is still holding up. I was so close to buying a bright white organic cotton blazer a while back.
If you decide against it, I know some Clemson football fans who would love to take it off your hands.
I really like this one. I'd go for it if I had a good deal. Around 150 for Swiss quartz isn't too bad.
Yeah man. Go for it! I'd replace the strap though, but that's just me.
That book is pretty fun to read. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.I'm reading Writing and Difference by Derrida.
Unless you're a hipster or a has-been one hit wonder rock star, I don't like the waistcoat w/ t-shirt and jeans look. With a three piece suit on the other hand, that could be quite nice.
I'm a few years older than you, so here's what I suggest: Grab a Timex like someone suggested here a put a nice strap on it from J Crew, BB, etc. There's no real point wearing a Tissot PRC (albeit it is a great watch) to school dressed in shorts and a polo. Timex is a classic and a unique band will make it pop more. Then after you have some more money buy a Citizen or a Seiko. I bought an Eco Drive a while back to wear while I'm more "dressed up". ie. wearing slacks and a...
I use the front camera feature of my iPhone. Looks like I'm texting or something and gets the job done.
Thanks Rach for the response. And nice call on the vachetta! Here's the link if anyone else is interested:
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