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I'm interested in the watch. What's the model name/number?
So I've seen this trend around places, mainly Ralph Lauren and I was wondering what you guys thought about it and/or if you could tell me more. I figure it was pretty popular in the 50s or so since I strangely remember it in various movies from that era.
No. The Israelis are running that site. Your point is invalid.
Weak. I made the squirrel paint my nails for me.
Yeah, I agree that if the honor of "smartest man" needs to be bestowed on someone, Tao and Perelman are good contenders.
As a soon-to-be naive and oblivious college freshman, thanks.
Whenever I read these stories I reiterate that most people who matter agree that IQ tests are pretty arbitrary and mostly bullshit. ....or I'm just a jealous fuck. Pick one
the Nyan Cat song.
I'm 6 foot 180 pounds and the medium fits me fine. I think it just barely makes the cut so I don't have to tuck it in, so I am not too sure that it'll be the same for you. Obviously the best suggestion would be to go to a store and try it on for yourself.
I love this idea, but at the same time I agree with Sebastian in that this is almost exclusively for the European (and I suppose Asian as well) market. Most American men are too preoccupied with their masculinity to venture out into this deep end. I feel that if this trend becomes big in Europe, we could see it diffuse across the pond over time, eventually making its way to the US in 10 or so years. That seems to work historically with various other trends like messengers,...
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