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Yeah. That color looks a little odd. Is it really as satin blue as the photo makes it seem?
Awesome! Any news on when they'll be available for those of us who aren't in the NY area?
Whoops. So insider status isn't referring 50 friends... Oh well. This thread is great and all the updates we're getting from Nan really help.
Just bought a pair of Shure SRH440s. After break-in, they sound great.
Here's a really bad camera pic of what I had in mind. I might swap the gingham shirt for a better fitting gray one. Thoughts?
Anyone familiar with J Crew's Bedford pants? I want to get an idea of how slim they fit before I buy them. Thanks
I'm really into this style of sandal: But I'm not willing to spend a few hundred dollars on them (the ones in the pic are from DSquared2). Anyone know where I can grab a pair for around 50 bucks?
I'm considering buying these: http://s7.landsend.com/is/image/LandsEnd/404970_XK11_FF_RA7?op_sharpen=1&rgn=0,0,2000,3000&scl=5.882352941176471 but I'm worried that I won't have enough to match it. What colors do you guys suggest? Thanks
Do you really need a backpack? I just decided to ditch it and go for a messenger. Seems to fit me better, and usually they're much more stylish.
I'm extremely close to buying these cans. I just need to find a good price and I'm there.
New Posts  All Forums: