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Ending Sunday night: Brioni Navy Blazer - 42L 2-button Single-vented Jetted flap pockets Fully-lined interior Size: 42 Long (42L) Measurements: Pit to pit (measured at seams): 19" Waist: 21 1/8" Sleeve: 25 3/4" (with ~1/2" to let out) Bottom of Collar to hem: 32 1/16" See more pictures and place your bid HERE!
So Blake stitching can be fully refurbished, as opposed to the half-soles I got? If I've had a pair of Blake-stitched shoes sanded and half-soled, is that now the only way they can be repaired in the future, with another application of half-soles? (And the same for goodyear welting: does having a half-sole repair done preclude future resoling with a whole new welting, etc.?) Another leather-soled pair of AEs I have is showing the first layer beneath the outermost layer in...
Thanks, Cantabrigian. That makes sense. I was misled by the (faux-?)stitching along the outer edge of the sole, I suppose, which is now hidden under the new pasted-on leather. A little googling leads me to believe this brand (Franceschetti for Barney's) is indeed Blake-stitched. What's the story on the different heel types available? This cobbler seemed to only have two kinds: full rubber and the leather/plastic(?) hybrid I opted for. If he had it, he didn't offer a...
So I've gone and graduated to the world of semi-decent shoes, and I've been wearing them for about a year. Two pair of AEs, a pair of C&Js, some thrifted Barney's house brand... I work in retail, so I'm on my feet most of the day, and it's getting time to resole— I think... I don't know these things. But I ventured to get the the thrifted Barney's pair resoled, without knowing much of what I was asking for or what quality work would look like, just at the little cobbler...
Ending tomorrow night! Alden for Brooks Bros. Black Tassel Loafers, Size 11.5 D
Alden Brooks Brothers Peal & Co - 11.5 D Tassel Loafers Black - GREAT Condition! Starting at $19.99, no reserve!
Alden for Brooks Brothers Peal & Co. - Black Tassel Loafers - 11.5 D Polo Ralph Lauren PRL Crocodile Alligator Tassel Loafers - 12 D - Made in Italy Cifonelli Trousers/Pants/Slacks - Lt Blue - 34x29+2.25" - 80/20 Wool/Cashmere Relisted at $8.99, no reserve!
Mint condition Cifonelli Trousers, ending tomorrow (Sunday) night! Cifonelli Trousers/Pants/Slacks - Lt Blue - 34x29+2.25" - 80/20 Wool/Cashmere Check back Sunday night as well for Alden Tassel Loafers and PRL Alligator loafers!
Two items up for sale: Baracute G4 - Sz 38 - Dark Navy Blue - BNWT Cifonelli Dress Slacks - Light Blue - 80/20 Wool/Cashmere - 34x29(+2.25)
Those measurements coming?
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