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Hi odub, it's an exact situation I'm struggling with right now. Although I guess between 37R and 38R there is probably only 13 pounds difference in muscle/fat. I have to get back in a gym. But I'd like to find brand / brands with jackets which require minimal tailoring for cases when my weight drops back. Please let me know if you stumble over a brand with good fitting 38R, or with 37R size available.
Still on a lookout for my first sport jacket (versatile and leaning to a casual more). I wonder if I should keep this one(j.crew, 40% discount). What do you think please? Tailorable? Casual and versatile enough color/pattern? 38R (I'm 6ft, 145-150 lbs) I guess rare 37L would be better for me (36R is usually tight in the chest and too short on me).
Thank you, I updated the photo (added frontal and the other side photo)
Happy New Year! My winter coat flares out at the bottom, I guess it's not normal? but fixable? Size smaller still flares out but in a less pronounced way. Thanks!
Hi. I have zero experience with jackets (even suits), and decided to start with an inexpensive jacket from Uniqlo as a beater. Please criticize the fit of two jackets in sizes S/M (olive - S, blue - M). S is not tight anywhere, but worried if shoulders look a bit short. I guess M is better body and sleeve lengths wise, but it feels quite roomy. (full size photo:
Just got my first pair of quality dress pants. Size 32 (unhemmed). From Howard Yount. The one made in Italy (supposedly slimmer in seat, thighs). Flannel, charcoal grey (look too dark?) The only other pair of dress pants I have - Zara basic wool pants, bought in Spain, they are actually turned out to be slimmer than these. Naturally skinny myself, haven't been to gym for a few months, lost some weight, flat butt. Please help evaluate the fit.
Thank you! Really valuable info. I actually thought I'd have to try 10.5D again. Hoping that it would give more for a small toe, but still snug at the heel. 9.5EE sounds like a rare size, and I never considered myself out of 10D average. Though judging by many posts I read, sounded like lots of folks wear incorrect size.
Thank you! For 10D PA I was measured at AE store, and SA didn't tell anything about huge vamp V. At home I noticed that it's somewhat tight at small toes, but no pain, and having 0 experiences with dress shoes, I decided to try wider shoes and to down compenstate go shorter 9.5E (my regular size is 10D, and judging what people say for last #5 it totally made sense). But 9.5E turned out to be the same width at toes like 10D, but just wider at heel and vamp. It feels...
Could you please help me evaluate the shoes fit. First pairs of real dress shoes ever. 10D PA and 9.5E Strands. Strangs less tight at pinkie toe, but have a little room at a heel (not slipping). 10D PA vs 9.5E Strands (pen marks balls of foot). Thanks!!!
Never had a real dress shoes before. Please evaluate the fit please. PA (10D) and Strand (9.5E). The pen marks balls of foot, supposedly it should be at the widest part... Thanks!!! PA 10D (snug at pinkie toe, heel feels good) Strand 9.5E (snug at pinkie to like PA, heel feels roomier, no slipping)
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