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Looking to buy the red/beige Gant Rugger Homerun jacket that came out last season. They are almost impossible to find right now. If anyone has one (Medium or Large) they are willing to sell one please contact me asap. I'm looking for the jacket to be in good condition at a reasonable price.
I want to buy this red/beige Gant Rugger Varsity. If anyone has this in either M or L please get to me. Looking for the jacket to be in good condition with a good price. Serious inquiries only. Note: Price on listing does not reflect what I'm asking for
Is this jacket still for sale?
Shipping is free
UPDATE: Bracelets are sold.
Hey twdawson, I saw that you were looking to buy some bracelets? I have a Corter leather bracelet if you are interested. Let me know asap. Thanks.
Very interested. Is this still available?
PM me if you have one for sale.
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