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Why not try the big ones first: Sotheby's, Christie's, Bonhams.
I'm quite late to this thread, but I would recommend the Fogg b-laika in all-black.
Well, it certainly wouldn't read that way today, particularly at a wedding. It would be festive & fun.
can't seem to delete double-post.
Anybody have one in 43 Long? I have the red, need the navy.
Re: Abs -- Add a Pilates class to your routine. Ask Mom to cook whole-wheat pasta. Eat more broccoli. Creamy sweets only once a week.
Another possibility: Search for best eye doctors in your state/area and see who pops up. May or may not take your insurance, but if you have a problem, catching it early and having the best treatment seems better than getting the best deal.
Suggest Michael Freeman's "The 35 mm Handbook". I like the Olympus OM system for many reasons -- rangefinder size but SLR. Ridiculously cheap these days. But most of my actual shooting is with a Contax G1. I've said this in another thread, but again -- a Bentley for the price of a new Beetle. And the design quality matches the optics. Taking a good class would do you no harm. Of course, as in most classroom settings, so much depends on the instructor.
Is Quality Better than Junk?
Important to research trainers. As in most fields, the good and the mediocre charge the same amount, so if one can't count on a personal recommendation, try to observe a few in action. I think the trainers who also teach regular classes are generally better overall. It's also easy to take a class with one or another to see how they work and think.
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