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Any of these ties 63" in length or longer?
Looking for extra long ties, 62" or longer. 3.5" wide, preferably. Ideally looking for affordable stuff.
PM sent on the first one.
Quote: Originally Posted by JDMills I know what you mean I get extremely excited when I see a pair but always in an 8 or 9 D never a damn 11.5 EEE. I'm annoyed that I can't even have them made to order. Ah, a fellow 11.5 EEE-er. Glad to know someone shares my pain. Guys with 8 or 9 D get all the luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by SammyJ Pathetic-do they really expect people to believe their testimonies dressed like that? And the judge-did anyone ever mind her casual dress? I'd be willing to bet a large sum of money their attire was scripted by the lawyers involved.
Quote: Originally Posted by CaesarSTL Bumping for a chance of some imput. Found a few other threads, but either no answers or were all about having a suit made. Just looking for experience with a good alterations tailor for suits and shirts, if near the 11th even better, but not something like Charvet please! Quality is most important, but a little value is nice as well! Jared, Quote: Originally Posted by bbhewee Aris...
Price drop to $85 and $40.
Quote: Originally Posted by highfalutin How hard would it be to create an ETF that tracks the S&P 500 -- times two -- for the long haul? Does it require a degree in finance? Not hard at all. The hard part is creating such a product that gives liquidity after inception at the stated leverage level while keeping existing shareholders' leverage where it should be. The reason leveraged ETFs don't return 2x or 3x whatever they're tracking over...
As far as I know, mostly a pipeline into banking or more quanty hedge funds. Though a lot of job descriptions are still requiring hard science/math PhDs -- that's what the guy running the desk or running the fund has, so that's what they're looking for. That'll probably change over time. But yes, to an earlier poster's point, you need serious math chops for the top-notch MFE/MQF programs. I've done grad work in math and engineering, and those without top decile math...
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