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Does anyone know if Bedale SL or Ashby has cotton lining in the sleeves? I'm guessing Ashby has polyester but I'm hoping Bedale SL has cotton like the original Bedale.
Can you measure shoulder width?
I like my 100% cotton preston cords.
I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a couple of sale items. The question is if they're going to do further reductions after fathers day. Sale + 10% off is a pretty good deal but wouldn't hurt with a 20% off deal.
I have a problem with my RM William boots. There is a slight color difference between the boots. Is this normal? Please see photos on this link: The photos that I'm wearing the boots on is the closest to the reality in terms of color difference. Would you return this pair of shoes?
Maybe I should try to returning them then. Only problem is that I live outside US and the shipping cost pretty much. But right now I got 5 shirts that doesn't fit right.
I'm getting really tired of Brooks Brothers shirts now. First I ordered 14.5x32, they were too tight over the chest. Then I ordered 15x33 and they fit great. After one wash it has already shrunk and now it's to small. Thinking about contacing BB about this, any chance you could get some money back? I'm dumping the extra slim and going with the slim fit from now on...
Quote: Originally Posted by mmm neither. That it just a general translation chart. Doesn't specify any fit. And I already have a size Small shirt from Brooks Brothers in extra slim fit and it fits good. But the 14.5 in extra slim fit doesn't.
Quote: Originally Posted by mmm You should check their charts again. 14.5 = 36, 15 = 38, 15.5=40, 16 = 42 What chart are you looking at?
Quote: Originally Posted by acularw What is the quality of the oxford sport shirts like? Was hoping I could wear them in both casual and work environments but maybe it is still worth getting 2-3 for work if they are ok. I do have two of the Supima oxfords, I am guessing the sport shirts are more lightweight and probably lower quality? The sport shirt is made in China and the Oxford dress shirt is made in USA. And yes, it's much lighter and...
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