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I'm interested in the first one (first photo) size S.
Inretesting.I would love to try a borrelli shirt.I heard quite good things and its opposite. How do they fit? very slimm (my type of shirt)? It's a shame your site does not read the sleeve lengh (often find them quite long.must have short arms ).
So did I. no reply yet.
Hello there. by any chance, could anyone here PM Betty's mail, please? I would like to place an order and check these shoes out by myself. Thank you in advance guys.
Not familiar with Edward green last 202. Could you post some measurments for the chelsea UK 6.5 please? a bit curious Thanks in advance.
Great forum and Great boots (yes, newbie here) . indeed, I would be interested to get some actual photos. What are measurments for the sole? Thank you in advance.
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