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Up for sale is a navy v-neck sweater from Epaulet in size XL. No pills, pulls, etc. Retails for $195. I've worn this sweater 2-3 times, and have decided that it is just not long enough for me. I love this piece, and my loss is your gain. Measurements: Chest: 23" Shoulder: 18" Sleeve: 25.5" Length: 26.5" $75 shipped in the US via Priority Mail.
I got this today as well and I absolutely love it. I'm returning the Marlow wingtips in this same shipment in favor of the Lindricks. The Marlows are amazing shoes, though. I could only have one, so I went for the boots.I have the Lindricks, fairisle cardigan, and cashmere v-neck coming later this week. I would spring for the peacoat and hunting jacket if I could afford those as well. As someone who is redoing his entire wardrobe starting with some staples, this sale...
Thanks. I appreciate it. I went with the L.
When you say "TTS" do you mean TTS according to the RRL size chart on the site or compared to what you wear in most other brands?For example, I'm an XL in almost every brand (Epaulet, WvG, etc.), but a L according to the Polo size chart. What would "TTS" be for me in the Aran shawl cardigan? I may have to just order both a L and an XL and return one.
Just wanted to pop in and say that I wore my navy lambswool Walts with my Leffot Ravello Day Trippers tonight and never have gotten so many compliments in my life. I had 2 hot girls ask me where I got the pants from, so I'm getting the word out Mike. Definitely jump on those navy flannel Walts if you haven't done so yet.
Mike, any chance of a restock on the grey v-neck sweater in XL?
I have these same shoes coming in tomorrow. My first pair of Aldens. I went TTS on these as they were the last pair that Leffot had, and I know that a few people here said that TTS will work instead of Steven's recommended 1/2 size down. Fingers crossed...
Is the rule to size down 1 on the AD shirts vs what you wear in BD? Thinking about picking up a few AD shirts when they go on sale and I'm an XL in BD.
What is the sizing like on the multi-plaid shirt? I remember previously it was suggested to size up one. If I'm an XL in the blue and red tattersall, do I need to order an XL or an XXL in the multi-plaid?
Quote: Originally Posted by samsterdam I'd be interested in this as well. *crosses fingers* +1 on the long sizes. I'm 6'4", and would love a navy blazer.
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