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34 in rivet chinos, 36 in Walts, IMO.
I bought 3 knits during the last sale (cashmere v-neck, Aran shawl cardigan, fairisle cardigan).The v-neck and the Aran shawl have pilled like crazy. The fairisle has held up pretty well.I would still buy all 3 again on deep discount due to how much I love the designs, but the quality leaves much to be desired when compared to something like SNS Herning.
It's more like the circled area is a raised bump that is rough to the touch. The weave doesn't appear to be loose to my untrained eye. It's probably more of a hassle to return for such a small defect that no one would notice.
Mike, I just got the Pale Grape Herringbone as my 7th pair of Walts (have 4 rivets) and I love them. However, there appears to be some sort of strange weave or snag in the fabric. I circled it below. I'm not an anal retentive person at all, but wanted to see if this is some sort of defect or not. I'll send them back for an exchange if so. Thanks!
I would definitely be in for one of these in a similar calf color provided I could get my size (13D US/12 UK). Hopefully we can order larger sizes due to this being a MTO.
Tres Bien Shop has all SNS Herning on sale. Just picked up a large navy Stark for $236 shipped. I wanted one in black, but decided to settle on the navy at that price.
Now that I think about it, the sleeves on the medium would probably be too short for me. I'm 6'4" and have 35" sleeves.I'm going to take the jacket by my tailor tomorrow and see if it is possible for him to slim down the waist and body some. I expect that would be an expensive alteration, so I'll get a quote and then debate on whether to send it back or not. I do appreciate the help.
For those with the oilcloth hunting jacket, how does it fit you around the waist? I have a 36" waist and a 42" chest, and the large is a good fit except that the waist is really bulky. I wish that the waist had some sort of cinch or had about 2" less of material. I hate to send this jacket back, but I may have to unless this is how it is supposed to fit. I would take a pic, but I think you guys get the idea. Every other RRL item in large is a great fit for me, so I'm...
Good advice and exactly what I was looking for. I ordered the RRL.Damn, I dropped $1,800 on this sale and that's AFTER returning the Marlow wingtips.
I keep going back and forth on whether to order the Bedale on the JCrew sale or get the RRL Hunting jacket on this sale. The RRL sale ends tonight, so need to decide soon. I know that the RRL will fit me better in a large and I can't decide on the sizing for the Bedale. Would a 42 Barbour match up to an RRL large?I want the RRL more, but it's $170 extra.
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