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I have it. I'm 6'4", 195 and wear a large, so medium might be a tad big on you. The fit is good, but it pills like crazy. All 3 of my RRL sweaters do. I've generally sworn off RRL sweaters for SNS due to all the pilling.
I placed an order over a week ago for an amalgam cardigan with Unionmade, but have not received tracking or the "item out of stock" e-mail that some others got. My account has been debited for the money as well. I've sent an e-mail out to them and am waiting to hear back. My first order with them and not impressed at all so far.
Ordered the SNS Amalgam Cardigan in Clay for $211 shipped. Had been waiting for this one to go on sale. Good deal.
Marked cardigan in S, M, L for about $350 delivered to the US: http://www.magarderobe.com/gillet-sns-herning-marked-cardigan-noir-sns-herning,fr,4,sns-herning-marked-cardigan-blac.cfm Just bought one in L.
I already sent an e-mail, so we'll see if that works.
I ordered the L accidentally from their site.The Paypal site automatically submitted my order when I thought I would be directed to the main Nitty Gritty site with a chance to review the final submission (the way every other site works).Beautiful sweater, but not sure if I can pull off the turtleneck part. It may be on B&S soon after it gets here.
Does anyone know how the following compare size wise to the Stark? 1. Amalgam sweater (or cardigan) 2. Nestor pullover 3. Marked (read from some it's the same size as the Stark) I'm a large in the Stark, and wanted to buy some of the above, but really wish I could fit into the XL Marked currently on Nomad. I'm 6'4", 200 pounds with 36" waist and 42L jacket.
Best: SNS Herning Stark in Navy (my favorite sweater and the item that gets the most compliments of my wardrobe- need to track down the Marked and Amalgam cardigans) Alden Ravello Day Tripper boots from Leffot Polo x C&J Lindrick boots Various Epaulet trousers RRL Aran Shawl Cardigan Worst: Epaulet shadow dot shirt (bought into the hype on this and I can't pull it off) Wolf vs Goat oxfords in peach & grape (like the fit of these shirts, but the colors don't work for...
I bought it this morning when it came back up.
Did you get the White Mountaineering one? I had that in my cart several times, but didn't check out. Went back and it was gone.
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