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Just paid for the pythons. Thanks for the response James.
Python austerity brogues are listed on the site. Are these in stock? Mike hasn't mentioned them in the thread. If so, I'll go ahead and pay the balance.
Did the pythons arrive in this shipment?
Same. Would love a lizard single monk. Preferably either brown.
So I'm thinking of buying the JLC Master Hometime as my first real watch after doing a bit of research. I tried one on in person and loved it. Anything else comparable in that price range I should consider before pulling the trigger?
Any chance for a reorder on these 2? Not sure how I missed them.
Would it be possible to offer the tassels in mist suede as well?
Ordered the red flecked grey Donegal and grey POW. Really wanted to stay out of this round, but the prices/selection were too good.
Mike, will the snuff suede Austerity brogue be up with this batch also? Really want that shoe for summer.
Mike, any chance of a rerun of the snuff suede Austerity brogue from last year (non-boot version)?
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