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Did you guys receive shipping notices on jackets coming directly from Southwick? I'm still waiting for my baby camel MTO that I ordered on the first day it was available, and I've seen some in hand pics of them already in this thread.
Any update on the chocolate suede jodhpur? there any way to order special order a larger size in these? I'm a 13D US. Probably will pickup that grey flannel windowpane as well.
Wow, I grew up in Rock Hill, although I don't live there now. I had no idea there was another Epaulet fan in that area.Also to Mr. Clemson- are you the same one from TI? I'll be at the CU/UGA game on Sat with my Carminas on (I have 12 pairs now). What a small world.
+1. Hopefully they will come soon.
Brown lizard single monk for sure.
This color as a Rand single monk = perfection.
Any color lizard single monk (Rand style) is fine with me. I saw the black lizard double monk in Paris and it was beautiful.
Wore my pythons today and must have had 15 compliments on them. Interesting that the most recent run turned out much lighter brown than the last one. The contrast shows off more- I love them.
Just got my pythons and they are so badass. Mike, please set up an order for lizard soon (I would prefer single monks.)
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