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This just popped up on my twitter feed.
After Colin Powell?
I just finished watching Amazing Spider-Man. Wow!! I really regret not seeing it in theaters. I definitely liked it better than Raimi's Spider-Man's (we all agree that 3 was a pile of crap, anyways). The web slingin' through the cranes was Definitely a great origin movie and I like how they have this big mystery surrounding his father. Can't wait for the sequel.
I didn't know where to post this.
Watching Poltergeist right now.
Some photos of NYC and a couple AC from last night and today, from my Twitter and FB feed. Some you may have seen, some, maybe not. East Village HMS Bounty Sinking Ambulances Outside NYU Hospital
Gretchen's nips and Gyp's scene in the church were the only good parts. Otherwise, two boring episodes in a row.
Love that movie. Sonny was such an awesome character.
No, you're not the only one. Fairly boring episode. The Merle scenes were pretty good as was the killing of the soldiers. The heads in the fish tanks at the end were a real wtf moment. Other than that. It was meh.
Watching Rose Red right now.
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