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Watching Poltergeist right now.
Gretchen's nips and Gyp's scene in the church were the only good parts. Otherwise, two boring episodes in a row.
Love that movie. Sonny was such an awesome character.
No, you're not the only one. Fairly boring episode. The Merle scenes were pretty good as was the killing of the soldiers. The heads in the fish tanks at the end were a real wtf moment. Other than that. It was meh.
Watching Rose Red right now.
That's one of things I loved about it. You knew how it was going to end but it still kept you in suspense.
Excellent movie.
I just started watching the first episode. So far so good. The old footage is amazing.
Watching the Skyfall Live Premiere.
I agree with everything you said."Can you break a hundred?" lol Great line. I also wonder if Gillian and Jimmy did the deed more than just the one time.
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