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I just added the first season to my Netflix queue. It looks interesting.
No Coke Zero ad before the movie at my theater. They did have I believe it was a phone ad with Bond before the movie started though.
I noticed Heineken when Q and Tanner were laying the bread crumbs for Silva. Tanner was drinking one and took it away from his mouth as Mallory walked in.
lol I went and saw it again today and was noticing the product placements. I noticed those and Coke Zero as well.
Just got home from seeing it. I loved it. Bardem was great. That first scene between him and Bond was something else. Judi Drench was phenomenal. Berenice was gorgeous. The first time Bond sees her. Jesus Christ! I agree that I wish they would've kept the Aston Martin a secret, the audience still clapped when they first showed it, though. I'll more than likely go see it again on IMAX this weekend.
My eyes.
"You only exist in this town because I allow you to." Great line. The Van Alden scene was awesome. He put the fear of God into those people. Nucky knocking the shit out of that actor was great.
Not going to happen. Craig is contracted for at least 2-3 more Bonds.
I just finished watching Amazing Spider-Man. Wow!! I really regret not seeing it in theaters. I definitely liked it better than Raimi's Spider-Man's (we all agree that 3 was a pile of crap, anyways). The web slingin' through the cranes was Definitely a great origin movie and I like how they have this big mystery surrounding his father. Can't wait for the sequel.
I didn't know where to post this.
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