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Apparently, they got the identity of the shooter wrong.http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/potential_connecticut_school_shooting_8HMOSbP38TXwSYYsVGkYLO
What are the odds?
Father killed in NJ, mother killed at the school and now another family member reportedly murdered in Newtown.
Apparently, the FB profile posted is the wrong one. https://twitter.com/Fletch788/status/279668466150166528
I remember those days as well. Hell, I was in first grade when I started walking to and from school by myself. You just didn't have to worry about things like this.
Jesus Christ........I'm so damn sick to my stomach right now.
I am so sickened and saddened. I just don't get people. These children had their whole lives ahead of them, could've been anything and this sick bastard took that away from them. Not only that, but put the other children through inevitable PTSD and years of counseling. They will never be the same.I believe there is a special place in Hell reserved for animals like this.
I won't even attempt to watch that movie.That's crap!
Or give you a digital copy disc. Whomever thought of Ultra Violet needs to have their head examined.I watched the trilogy back to back this past Sunday. A perfect way to spend a Sunday
New Posts  All Forums: