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^^ She's hot!
This past Tuesday was really good. Next week looks really intense.
Yes. Yes, it does.
Lulz....what an image to picture in ones mind.Incredible footage. I feel bad for the people that were hurt, but damn....this is definitely not something you see every day.
I'll have to check this out.
I really enjoyed the pilot and look forward to the rest of the season. Seeing Keri Russell as a bad ass was nice.It's on there now.
12% for me as well
+1 Everytime I'm at Barnes and Noble and stop by the graphic novels section or walk into a comic book store I never see kids looking around. It's always adults browsing and buying.
Oh, yeah. Its been out for awhile. The flying scenes were crazy as shit. P4 - didn't like it as much as the previous 3. The kid really creeped me out, though.I'm going to have to check out V/H/S.
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