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Just came across this. GOT if it were made in 1995.
New Season 6 poster just released
+1 The friend at the end So what does everybody think? Did Don cheat? I'm thinking he did.I read somewhere on the net (I don't think it was here, I believe it was somewhere else) that if you pay attention throughout season 5, Don never once ordered or drank an Old Fashioned until the end. Old Fashioned's were his drink of choice in the previous seasons when he was stepping out on Betty. He was completely loyal to Megan throughout season 5 but at the end, as soon as...
Yes, season 7 ends the series.
That's just great!
Mine too. I think I'd have a heart attack if he dropped dead before finishing the series. I know he's about 400 pages into WoW. But only the first 200 GRRM feels is complete Don't worry, we're doing a fine job with the spoiler tags [[SPOILER]]
Which is good, considering there would just be too many big moments happening right at the end.All but 2 episode titles were released. I'm going to spoiler it because the person who posted it, gave their 2 cents on what the episodes could entail. [[SPOILER]] With this season getting split in two, it's going to amazing.
Season 3 Extended Trailer (extended by 20 seconds)
Same here. He was great and incredibly lethal.
His next movie that he is going to direct is, "Live By Night," which is based off the Dennis Lehane's most recent novel. I read it back in Oct/Nov. It was really good and should make for a really good movie.
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