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lol He looked like a ships captain.
Talk about a serious, wtf moment! I sat with my jaw open. I couldn't believe she said that. And she does not look good with dark hair (Bobby telling her she looked ugly, lol). It was a different episode to say the least, but I still really enjoyed it. Don puking at the funeral cracked me up. Ginsberg looks like a complete douche with his 70's porn stache. And Pete Campbell is still a little bitch to me and those ridiculous sideburns need to go.
Removed. Fuck you Disney! Damn!
Holy shit. I forgot about that game. I used to spend hours playing it.
Looks interesting. Gosling certainly has been starring in some intense, violent films as of late
I just finshed reading Kill Shot by Vince Fllynn. I decided to get into his books a month ago, and started with American Assassin. Going to probably start Transfer of Power tonight.
Here's kind of a rundown for you. [[SPOILER]]
No, I haven't. I'll have to check it out.
Very first photo from the season premiere.
I've been reading a lot of crime comics, lately. Dynamite is doing a good job reviving the pulp titles of the 30s. Masks is really good as is The Shadow: Year One. I just read the first two issues of The Black Beetle today and the new Green Hornet (Mark Waid is writing it), which is really good. The new storyline of Green Arrow is good.
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