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If that Panda Shirt there is there in a Medium, I would love a proxy!
Hey! Do you have a chest measurement for this? Also! What would shipping to Canada (and to the UK) be? I am living in both places right now. All the best, Kevin
I am looking for a Proxy from the UK to Canada. Not a very big order. PM me or post here. Thanks, Kevin
NEW SIZING? I love that new Parka. I normally wear a small in Baron Wells. Thoughts on sizing up for the Parka?
Did you stock up on their t-shirts? Just wondering what you thought of them.
Have you got an inseam measurement on the baron wells chinos?
Dang, a 37 total or 18.5 inch shirt fits me like perfect, no idea if I should go up or down. But those shirts are so nice...
Oh thanks, you mentioned the chest size was a smaller then listed, wasn't sure if the neck size was too.
Hate to bring this old thing back, but could any of you give me a spot on neck measurement for a size small? Thanks!
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