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I cook rather often and I have a kitchen aid processor, blender, and mixer. They have all held up pretty well and the containers are pretty high quality plastic. I got most of them on really good rebates so I am not sure they the best of the best but for what I paid I plan on keeping them around for quit some time.
I was doing 245 for 6x4 sets earlier in the week, I am trying a new bulk routine.
I lift pretty heavy and use gloves daily. I still have calluses and my hands still get torn up regularly. It was either gloves or use less weight exercising. I picked up a pair of gloves. check martha's recipe she is pretty good. But this is a good outline or how to cook one. Or google standing rib roast for more ideas.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Without seeing his room it is hard to tell how much impact treatments would have-speaker placement may have a bigger impact. Also, most of the fixing in room acoustics can be free if one reads: Since he listens to music much more than movies a think a sub is not a good investment. The RX1s only spec down to 45hz with in room they may push 40 Hz. I would want a sub to cover...
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan The biggest bang in this price range is likely an outboard DAC like the HRT Music Streamer Pro. Around $450 I think. The optical link is a problem in all likelihood as well so switching to USB would be a step up. I feel like his cash would be better spent on room treatments. I am sure a DAC would help but room treatments are the biggest impact on your overall sound. Selling the mains for funds would...
Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 Tracking calories is really a ridiculous concept. If only the starving children of the world could see a day in the life of some moron that weighs his chicken breasts and counts how many cheerios he pours into his cereal bowl. Just simply eat the whole, unprocessed, unadulterated, foods that humans evolved to eat, ad infinitum even, (keeping carbs low) and you won't have to waste your time tracking how many calories...
I'd say more fat, I take in around 50 g on a cut and I am around 180 at 10% bf when I cut. More protein carbs around 120-150 is what I"d do. You shouldn't worry to much about weight loss if you are just starting from scratch that will automatically happen just because of increased activity level. Just concentrate on form when lifting, lift heavy with high volume, and watch the diet. Diet is the most important part of cutting or bulking up.
PM on 133 and 70
Do you have a diet plan made for this? What exercise program are you running it looks alot like GST, I read about on another forum.
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