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CT has free returns They send you a label.
I think they are equally as bad. I have 5 pairs of Aldens. I have a hard time picking out Aldens to buy as I don't like a lot of their styles or cannot find a last to try-on prior to purchase.
What last for the chukkas? I might need to bid
Thank you my good man.(My amex does not thank you.)I have a pair of chukkas from them....will have to root around in the closet to find the model.My bayfield's are getting a fair amount of wear.I am lusting after the Shaker Heights in chili.
I rather enjoyed stitchy's look. Sort of a vodka martini take on things. Bravo
Walnut Daltons Neumok-brown Neumok-navy Jingle bell mok Badlands in brown all in the last month ugh, i have a problem
Go big or go home. If you really want the item, you'll find a way.
Let's see the bidding go higher for this MTO coat. I don't have to wear ties, suits, dress slacks, or sport coats to work. EVER. Or else I'd bid.
I'm disappointed. All these heavy hitters here and no one will out bid my last offer?
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