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The sad reality is that probably no one at the event would have noticed. My last black tie event was pure comedy from what others were wearing. Atrocious was the baseline.
My brother gave me a Ferragamo belt. I wear it. I never would have bought it.Then again, I pay zero attention to branding on clothing ( I do notice watches from miles away cause I them so)
I really like this and the dual time. I do not like the price point for the watch and feel there are much better options for me at that point.
Nah, only during my first anatomy practical exam 21 years ago.
I've been that man.
I think the shirt would be perfect for a prom.I actually have the very same shirt with FC.A navy grenadine tie will pair very nicely with it. Look at Chipps and grab one from there. It's a staple and will last you long after you wear out the shirt.
I kinda figured that.Good advice though.
Noodles style edit. ^^^^^^
Penguin porn. Nothing quite like it.
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