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I bought this jacket on Ebay hoping I could make a short work, but alas, it's a bit too short. Black wool, peak lapels. It is brand new without tags, just trying to recoup what I paid for it. $350 shipped. Retails for $525. -Dave Stock photo shown
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Is it a small or medium?
Love these shoes, great construction, good look for summer. Unfortunately have always fit me a little tight. I consider myself a pretty true 10.5 and these are really probably better for someone with slightly smaller feet, a narrower 10.5 or an average sized 10. Probably worn 10-15 times, soles show some wear. Suede is in good shape, couple of spots here and there. MSRP was something silly like $135, I think I paid $60 plus shipping on gilt last year. Asking $35,...
Received these beautiful shoes as a gift from my girlfriend for Christmas. Would love to keep them but they are simply too big. I typically run a 10.5 but these are a half-size or so too large. Would be good for an 11 or someone who goes between 10.5 and 11. Color is most like photos w/ flash. Shipping included. Thanks.
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Which BoO shirts are still available?
Zimberg dropped to $28 shipped and measurements added.
Interest Check: Have a couple of extra bottles of 2008 and 2009 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir, both Sonoma Coast and Russian River Valley, that I've collected through the allocation process over the last couple of years. I was on their wait-list for 6 years before I was able to get an allotment. This is some of the best California Pinot out there and one of my favorite wines. Frankly, these bottles have been relegated to special occasion status and I would be happy to...
BoO polos sold, THANK YOU. Zimberg shirt still available and dropped to $30 shipped! Great lightweight shirt for summer. Will post measurements this evening.
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