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Y needs to stop with the printed slogans...
The arc Jacket is fantastic. I'm one of the people who had an issue with the old buttons, but otherwise it's really beautiful. Zam resized mine to fit me and it's perfect. Hearing that it shares a pattern with the Henriksson makes total sense. Recommended
@Zamb how long will this sale be going on? Planning a NY trip end of the month.
They used to tho, I believe... sucks they don't any longer.
Zam's heavy linen is so perfect. Love mine
I always thought 3 equated to 50/L in YYPH, but I could very well be wrong
public school jeans in size 33. Cool effect where it looks like blue denim was overdyed with a black coat... nice layered effect, especially at leg opening...worn once. Any questions, ask away! Thanks Ships to USA only
I loathe the yoox guessing game of whether the listed numeric size is the Italian size or suit size.
Rewind one page
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