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93 with 3 players still to play.
Not sure if I should go with cuffs or no cuffs with these shoes. Something about them makes me think I should go for a more cropped look.
Haven't really gotten into The Lips, but man Do You Realize? is such a beautiful tune in all its simplicity. The lyrics are just a kick in the guts, in the best way possible. Can't imagine how cool it would be to be chanting it from the top off my lungs at their concert.
A couple new things came in the mail. Sneaks, cap and scoop tee, all Asos.
This deserves thumb comments
You guys doing a fantasy league?
Yeah, I started classical when I was 10. Did all that for 9 years. After a couple years I also started taking lessons on accompanying and playing more contemporary stuff. Then when I moved for university, I also got in a pop/jazz academy, and started taking lessons there, getting into a band, accompanying basically every singer in the school, one year in the big band, and slowly learning more about all that stuff.
Thanks, just got it cut today, and did the video straight out of the shower, so my hair's still wet. Piano lessons? How you liking it? What type of stuff are you learning?Guess I need to do a remix.
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