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Those are great. Used them in the army.
We have some student event this weekend, where the theme is the apocalypse. I have no clue what to wear, but maybe I can get some ideas from this militarism challenge - although, I don't really have the wardrobe, and mostly have very basic items.
Yes, CR7 plays with a bunch of losers... That's the most ridiculous argument ever, and I don't understand, how people still seriously use it. "Messi has great people around him." Yeah. Most great players do.
He's not though. He just had a better 2013, thanks to Messi suffering from injuries.
I'm trying out a cheapass Topman suit that I saw on sale. Just for the rare occasion I actually need a black suit. Will probably arrive next week. Cost like 40€, so not expecting much.
I like creepers, but those look weird.
Get off of Tween!
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