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With my recent purchases, my lounge gear is getting slightly goth ninja
Yeah, it's the HMxMMM suit. Material seems good to me, probably the best quality wise from my suits, although that isn't saying much. Haven't used it much due to lack of suitable situations, as well as having a bit of a hard time figuring what to wear with it. Seems like a suit that looks best when not worn with a tie. The trousers are also quite cropped. In my fit pic it isn't that visible, but I was wearing basic burgundy derbys and black socks. Felt like the socks at...
I'll see what I can do. The eyeshadow sounds doubtful though. Looking at the picture, it seems I should match my socks as well.
Can't remember who requested this, but here you go.
Oh nice, hadn't realized this connection with the look. Could look into some retro photos to find inspiration what to pair the HMMM suit with in the future.
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