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The scarf is cool, but doesn't work here. Wrap it up differently somehow. Also, seems a bit out of place to wear a huge scarf with a tee-shirt.
I seem to again be going down the rabbit hole of skinny jeans. The skinnier you try, the skinnier you buy. The last pair I bought was really skinny. At a cruise, a female friend complimented them, and I made some comment on how they're basically almost women's jeans. We switched jeans, and there was basically no difference.
Mine's the same. Struggle is real.
Hello from the SWD side. I don't have anything to wear a suit to, but I thought I'd post a couple old pictures.
Wanted to make some jazz.
Arda Turan throwing his cleat at the linesman is one of the funniest things I've seen on the pitch.
Only criticism I have is with the pants/shoes combo. Something is off about how the pants are wide when they hit the sleek shoes.
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