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Yeahyeah, we get it. Clothes look better on skinny people...
Plus a pair of black Cheap Mondays.
I seem to have got a stain on my wool blazer - guessing it's ketchup or something from some drunken eating. Anything I can do on my own, or do I just need to take it to a laundry place?
I've actually thought about doing a similar medley of what I did for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy on MMLP2. Let's see if I find the time and commitment.
Nice Genelecs.
Fuck all you non-racist non-finns talking in foreign languages, coming here, fucking our jobs, stealing our women, .wait what.Oh, and Finland is not actually part of Scandinavia. But is usually lumped in it.
I think their jeans are good for the price, if you find a good wash. Nice stretch.
New Posts  All Forums: