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Last day I visited a friend's graduation party to play some jazz. And then switched to this, to go play a gig at a rock club.
noirwest, needs more tapered jeans. Also something off with the colours, I guess it's the boots sort of clashing with the black leather.
Played piano at an event for Helsinki Fashion Week.
Cream flared pants, Cuban heel boots, and a big-ass-collar floral shirt. DO IT!
Tips for shrinking jeans? I've got a couple pairs that have loosened out through the years, and don't fit me properly anymore. Is it possible to shrink them somehow? Don't mind taking a gamble, because as they are, I'm not really using them.
So, Balmain x HM coming this fall. What to expect? Weirdly embelished, overpriced HM quality stuff, or actually some good looking stuff?
in to sub
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