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Literally? Really? You sure?
Had a dream I tore my jeans. Worst nightmare ever.
Casual blazer(s)
Ditched the blazer and went with a white ocbd and black sweater over it. Thought going full monochrome worked better.
Trying to figure out what would look best. Would this be better with a white tee instead? Or a button-up? Maybe a white ocbd and black cardigan?
Fuck no.
De Gea would probably be the best fit for Barca.
Don't have any higher quality version available, so just use one of those YouTube to mp3 sites, as somebody pointed out, to extract the audio.I really need to figure out how to get some better sound quality. Tried connecting the audio from my piano to my camera, but it sounded really distorted.And thanks guys.
New Posts  All Forums: