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If only I could.
Could desperately use some black high-tops with this fit. Think it could look really cool. [[SPOILER]]
Zara, so not expecting too much quality-wise. Knit, skinny loungepants, with slight dropcrotch.
Silhouette is slightly due to the angle, but mostly because of my swollen wallet. Jeans are Nudie Thin Finns. I'm also somewhat pear-shaped.
Never been one to wear tracksuit bottoms around the house, but I decided to get these for loungewear for the days I'm just staying in and playing poker. Also,
Bottom's the same 90% of the time October-March. Guess that's contentedness.
They're are shoes. They're not supposed to have soul. As long as they don't lack sole, I'm fine.
Last few pages are great.
Nice job on the white side-zips. The next time I visit the store, or if they go down from 75€ online, I might grab a pair and try that. Maybe make them brown.
Guess I should check out the store too, if they have bigger discounts on the hmmm line. Probably a long shot to hope anything's left in my size, but it's worth a shot.
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