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Right ear completely locked. Can't hear shit. Fucking annoying. That's all.
Looks kinda cool open, and obviously the fabric doesn't look like the material of a bathrobe/towel, but something just doesn't look right. Probably needs a different overall look.
More lifestyle than fit pic. From a gig a while back.
First one looks like a bathrobe.
90. He's scored a brace in each of his last 6 games.
Shirt looks out of place. Not sure about the tuck.
Yeah, planning on doing that.
Definitely would if I could walk with the boots. Need to show them to a cobbler and see what he can do. I could imagine it becoming a uniform for me.
Not really WIWT, as I was just trying out the idea I presented last night on RFT. Can't wear the boots in the snow, too fucking slippery. I think it works though. We're having a Christmas party, so this is what I'll be wearing instead.
New Posts  All Forums: