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I asked about these a while back, and decided to order them. They are indeed from Asos, but I noticed they weren't by them, but a bran called Kr3w. Checked them out and it seemed like a skate clothing company. Figured they're more likely to be of good quality, and at 50€, it's not too bad. My wardrobe's been lacking a pair of cool sneakers. Also ordered a couple cheap rings and a simple button-down.
Iniesta is the 3rd best player in the world. And it's not like he had a bad year either. Absolute blasphemy to leave him out.To me the XI would look like this.Cech - Close call between a couple keepers, but winning the UCL tips it to him.Lahm - Alves is in a bit of a dip, and I no longer think he's the best in the world. Hopefully he can make a comeback though. Lahm's always solid.Ivanovic - Had a great year at Chelsea, playing CB/RB. Breakthrough year.Kompany - One of the...
Iniesta not a world beater? All the sensible things you said in that post just lost all their credibility.
I agree. This one's old as fuck, as well.You got it easy in the states as you don't fuck around with coins. I'd only use a wallet for bills and cards if we didn't have 2€, 1€ and 50c coins. Wallet swollens quickly. And I also carry around a lot of unnecessary cards.
Weekday. 25€ each, jeans are cheap monday. Also tried on the gradient sweatshirt, but the medium was too boxy and they didn't have any smalls left.
Wadup KOY.
I see a burgundy sweater with your name on it.
The loungepants with boots felt a bit incongruent as a thought, but I think it looks okay.
Finnish army leather gloves. (3)
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