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First one looks like a bathrobe.
90. He's scored a brace in each of his last 6 games.
Shirt looks out of place. Not sure about the tuck.
Yeah, planning on doing that.
Definitely would if I could walk with the boots. Need to show them to a cobbler and see what he can do. I could imagine it becoming a uniform for me.
Not really WIWT, as I was just trying out the idea I presented last night on RFT. Can't wear the boots in the snow, too fucking slippery. I think it works though. We're having a Christmas party, so this is what I'll be wearing instead.
Just tried them on for the first time when I took the trashes out. DEFINITELY not for the Finnish winter. Slippery as hell. Was like Bambi.
I think I'm going to take your advice on it. Yet to wear mine, as I don't think the winter of Finland will do them good, will take them into everyday use in the spring.
I'm lacking some light denim (white, grey, faded blue). Guess I'll try my idea on tomorrow and see how it looks. Black/white/camel should work in theory.
Yeah, thought so too. Wanted confirmation.
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