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Do you guys think the camel hmmmm blazer could look good slightly more casual, with black jeans, side-zips and a slutty tee? What color tee?
Got something in the mail today. Top is white OCBD under grey crewneck college shirt.
Messi with number 86. History being rewritten.
Torres captain, Michu and couple Stoke clean sheets make for a nice week. Now 3rd.
So, a few questions. To tuck or not to tuck? And should I ditch the pocket square?
So many hmmm sidezips in WAYWT lately. [[SPOILER]]
I've found a piano sheet for the song online, and I based my arrangement on it. Most of the basic stuff is played like it's written on the sheet, but there are some parts I changed it up a bit. The sheet mainly includes the chords and basic melody, the rhythms etc are mostly my own interpretation.Oh, and thanks.
Proper fit tomorrow. Meanwhile, here's me playing Bohemian Rhapsody.
And even with this post, I still clicked to number to read the comments.
HM sale started on European sites. MMM stuff included.
New Posts  All Forums: