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I know Swedes joke about Norwegians, in Finland we make the same jokes about Swedes. At least I think they're the same jokes.
Lol fuck you. [[SPOILER]] And no, no pickpocketing or other crime here.Always thought back pocket was weird and must be uncomfortable to sit on. Don't think I'll ever keep my wallet elsewhere than my right front pocket, so I'll just have to get a slimmer wallet.
Been looking at a lot of different tortoishell glasses, some more round than the others. Think I should go with some other pair.Thanks for the input guys.And Teger, my phone looks like a tumour when I'm taking a picture with it? I'm guessing you mean the pocket bulge which is my wallet. Too much money. Need to get a new wallet, though. Should start taking the wallet out of my pocket when taking fit pics because I always get comments on it.
Looking to possibly get new glasses. Opinions on these/this style?
I feel pain looking at these though.
Fashunz isn't fun, fashunz is pain and misery.
Berlin, Prague, Budapest.
I'd love to wear Tirailleur's fit this summer. Need to get a casual suit like that.
No contact to the face. Pepe dove. If you card a Barca player, you def need to card Pepe there.
Yeah, Pepe did nothing there...
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