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I prefer muggles.
AFL's fit looks a bit too feminine for me. Must be the combo of short sleeves on the blazer and the slutty tee. Not feeling it completely.
So, I got the top part cut shorter, and let it grow around it to a more even hairdo. Not sure how to approach this now. Should I still just comb it to the side/back, or does this work?
Decided to change my hair up a bit as well. Slow transition to something like this.
Nope. Somebody named players better than Bale, and you picked Ibra out, saying he doesn't show up in big games.I've already named a bunch. Iniesta, RVP, Mata, Cesc, Falcao... Maybe Bale's form of the last two games has been slightly better, but a sudden boost of form doesn't elevate him over them. If he played like that for the rest of the season, maybe he'd have a contender's spot.
[[SPOILER]] Fatty
Playing LB and becoming a LW = being versatile. His skillset is still highly one-dimensional. But he's getting better, shown by his transition to a more central role. He's an athlete first, a footballer second. His greatness doesn't come from his footballing skills, but from his athletic superiority. You need more than that to be one of the greats. And you're going to use comments made by coaches to 'prove' your point? While at the same time you don't see what's great...
Bale could well become the 3rd best. He's got great potential, and seems to be becoming more versatile slowly this season. Still, you accuse me of not watching Tottenham, but I'd be pretty sure you don't watch Barca when you talk like you do. Messi's the best, but he's not the one I'm most excited to watch most of the time. Messi amazes me most times he scores or produces a goal. Iniesta amazes me most times he touches the ball.
Yeah, Busquets is great. Didn't mention because Mata doesn't compete with him for playing time. I fully expect Busquets to become a coach once he retires. He plays so good tactically.
He's Spanish. There's Iniesta, Xavi, Cesc and Silva ahead of him. And ahead of Bale.Bale is like Ronaldo, without the technique.
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