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I got nominated for musician of the year on this site. Feel free to vote. http://www.starcentralmagazine.com/voting/2012/12/30/musicians-of-the-year-2012/
Looking good. You're decent too.
Tell me more.
If only I could.
Could desperately use some black high-tops with this fit. Think it could look really cool. [[SPOILER]]
Zara, so not expecting too much quality-wise. Knit, skinny loungepants, with slight dropcrotch.
Silhouette is slightly due to the angle, but mostly because of my swollen wallet. Jeans are Nudie Thin Finns. I'm also somewhat pear-shaped.
Never been one to wear tracksuit bottoms around the house, but I decided to get these for loungewear for the days I'm just staying in and playing poker. Also,
Bottom's the same 90% of the time October-March. Guess that's contentedness.
They're are shoes. They're not supposed to have soul. As long as they don't lack sole, I'm fine.
New Posts  All Forums: