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Pretty sure they'll add the other brands when the official launch happens, but you can buy the basic brands beforehand. No idea on their own tees, but I got a Cheap Monday tee from there a while back, and I'm loving it. Great fabric, good cut.
[[SPOILER]] Where's bows performing, and what's the act?
Definitely go to Barcelona Synth. Only been there when I was like 4 myself, but want to go and see a match live. Also, read today that A$AP's coming to Finland this summer. And yesterday I noticed Kendrick's having a gig next month. No noise about that whatsoever anywhere. His album's one of the hottest thing out there atm, yet I hear about the gig first a couple weeks before it's scheduled.
Nobody wears shoes inside in Finland. I think we took our shoes of for school for the first 6 years.
My mom's dog has a habit of acknowledging new things on the floor, be it the laundry bag, shopping bag, pillow, tv, umbrella, whatever. She'll then go and sit on it, or next to it.
Fit with a couple RPs.
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