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No contact to the face. Pepe dove. If you card a Barca player, you def need to card Pepe there.
Yeah, Pepe did nothing there...
Pretty sure those are Buttero.
Juve didn't want to let him go. Ibra threatened with legal actions. He never had issues with Mou, in his book he has said he'd die for him.Ibra wasn't really a flop. A scored a bunch. He was just put under huge expectations because of his pricetag. His lack of time on the pitch wasn't because of him being 'average', but his problems with Pep.MessiRonaldoFalcaoRVPZlatanSuarezCavaniAgueroBenzemaRooney
Obv he wanted to leave Ajax to go to a bigger league, ie Italy. Juventus wanted to keep him when they were relegated to Serie B, but Zlatan wanted out, namely to Inter. When Barca showed interest, he wanted to go, obviously. Pep and Zlatan had personal issues, which resulted in Barca needing to get rid of him. Milan sold him along with Thiago Silva because they needed the money.
Yes, people buy him because he's not rated.
You just keep getting better and better at this.
But, but, but... the light is shining from behind the camera...?
AFL, not feeling the cardigan and the cuff.
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