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Bale could well become the 3rd best. He's got great potential, and seems to be becoming more versatile slowly this season. Still, you accuse me of not watching Tottenham, but I'd be pretty sure you don't watch Barca when you talk like you do. Messi's the best, but he's not the one I'm most excited to watch most of the time. Messi amazes me most times he scores or produces a goal. Iniesta amazes me most times he touches the ball.
Yeah, Busquets is great. Didn't mention because Mata doesn't compete with him for playing time. I fully expect Busquets to become a coach once he retires. He plays so good tactically.
He's Spanish. There's Iniesta, Xavi, Cesc and Silva ahead of him. And ahead of Bale.Bale is like Ronaldo, without the technique.
Oh I watch Tottenham. You're the only one claiming he's as good as you say he is. And I participate on forums where there's much more football discussion. Yet somehow the rest of the world is in the wrong. Bale is really good. But those guys are better. Mata has been carrying Chelsea this season even more than Bale has Spurs. Falcao the only name worth mentioning? He's the 4th best in the world in your opinion? Give a name that shows up in a big game? When has Bale even...
Iniesta, RVP, Xavi, Cesc, Özil, Ribery, Falcao, Ibra, Mata, Silva, Hazard... Bale still has nothing on these guys. Nowhere near 3rd best.
That pass for the first goal... Insane.
I'm all for skinny jeans, but think those are a bit too tight.
Moo, jacket looks nice. And you're looking good too. Good job man.
Seeing all these packages kinda makes me wish I'd taken part. Well, maybe next year.
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