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A delicate way to ask if one wants balls in his mouth.
Only if you're hiking in the desert.
Thread is on fire. Toasty with a rare colorful fit in SWD, and doing it well, imo. PS. Never had oysters.
Yeah I noticed the fit is a bit off on the blazer if I'm not wearing a button-up. Think the sleeves are bunching because my arm isn't straight, and the sleeves could be a bit slimmer as I have insanely skinny arms.
Going to play some sort of benefit gig. Anybody got any recommendations for lightwashed jeans?
Stanley van Rapepope
It's a mold of miran's dick.
Is that Willy in the background?
I know Swedes joke about Norwegians, in Finland we make the same jokes about Swedes. At least I think they're the same jokes.
Lol fuck you. [[SPOILER]] And no, no pickpocketing or other crime here.Always thought back pocket was weird and must be uncomfortable to sit on. Don't think I'll ever keep my wallet elsewhere than my right front pocket, so I'll just have to get a slimmer wallet.
New Posts  All Forums: