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Me too, but then I realize I haven't progressed.
Not like you look old or anything, but I somehow always thought you were older than me. Seems I'm just over a year older. @art, those pants are money.
Figured I had to do this.
Wearing my pair right now. Dig 'em. Softer than my Nudies, as these have a bit of elasticity, but not too much, so that they still feel like jeans. I'm usually a 30 waist, tried on a pair of 29s which I could button, but they were too much painted on. They had no 30s, but the 31s fit nicely. A bit looser around the waist, but nothing visible, longer 34 inseam stacks nicely. Haven't washed these yet or wore them too much, so can't say anything about durability.
Pretty sure they'll add the other brands when the official launch happens, but you can buy the basic brands beforehand. No idea on their own tees, but I got a Cheap Monday tee from there a while back, and I'm loving it. Great fabric, good cut.
[[SPOILER]] Where's bows performing, and what's the act?
Definitely go to Barcelona Synth. Only been there when I was like 4 myself, but want to go and see a match live. Also, read today that A$AP's coming to Finland this summer. And yesterday I noticed Kendrick's having a gig next month. No noise about that whatsoever anywhere. His album's one of the hottest thing out there atm, yet I hear about the gig first a couple weeks before it's scheduled.
New Posts  All Forums: