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Heh, thanks guys. I'm not posting my videos here each time, just when I'm more proud of the product than usual, or there's a special story to go with it, or I'm wearing something I might post a fit of. Bunch of videos on my channel I haven't posted here, if you haven't realized it. Also, feel free to make requests and I'll see what I can do.
Yesterday I got to play with one of my idols, Lenni-Kalle Taipale. Great concert all around. Felt inspired to do an improvised cover of a Finnish heavy song Surupuku, dressed in all black, as that's what the lyrics sing about.
SVB, fit on the pants is probably the best I've seen on you.
Going to a white tie student party tonight (I know). Going with a slicked back side part.
I just have a tough time when people blame Barca for playing boring, when others park the bus. What are they supposed to do to entertain you when the opposing team is putting 10 men in the box. They're going to pass around and hope for an opening. Not do dumb passes and give the ball away. The boredom you suffer from this is much more the opposing team's fault.
I didn't say you critiqued their play last night. But you still after last night's performance seem to think Barca play boring, which I can't fathom.
So this is not you complaining about Barca's style of play?
If after yesterday's display you can complain about the way Barca plays and having to watch it, I don't know what to tell you.
[[SPOILER]] Iiro Rantala new trio was an interesting project, although a short one. Iiro's doing a lot of things nowadays, I think he plays classical on occasion, too. Released some solo music, including a song he wrote for Esbjörn. His first project Trio Töykeät is really good. I know the rest of the trio personally, and have played a bit with the drummer. This is probably my favorite track of theirs, atm.Their last album High Standards includes some interesting covers of...
Probably hanging out on a desert island.
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