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Fashunz is pain.
Man this is great. Also, Jaden looks fresh.
Are you crazy? I can't go that high. I've got a really low voice, which many have been surprised about. Less than a two octave range, I think. Should probably work on my falsetto, though.
Well, here goes nothing. If you start to feel these posts are off-topic and annoy you, just let me know. First time ever singing my original material.
What do you think is the minimum you need to spend to be able to get a good leather jacket?
I've got Sennheiser HD448s, and I've been really happy with them. In the $100-150 range.
Colabear showing us how real men dress.
Not digging the colorway for some reason. Jacket is really nice, as are the pants, but I don't think they go that well together.
Would be much better with a MMM umbrella.
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