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Yeah, it's hard.
Pull&Bear, similar to a sweatshirt, yeah. Jersey blazer. Lightweight, no shoulder pads or anything like that.
Damn, derk even kills it with a polo.Jeans are Pull&Bear, t-shirt is Size 8 Needle, a brand from the Scandinavian jeans shop JC. Fit on a budget. Think it's less than 100€ total.
No vis black knockoff vans.
Bottom half looks exactly the same as mine today. Good fit.
Could really use some other glasses, too.
Fashunz is pain.
Man this is great. Also, Jaden looks fresh.
Are you crazy? I can't go that high. I've got a really low voice, which many have been surprised about. Less than a two octave range, I think. Should probably work on my falsetto, though.
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