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That look definitely projects more money than sense.
koy approves Would be cool to see a proper pic.
How much you want to bet?
Finnish commentator (ex-player and coach) for the World Hockey Championships.
I'm pretty sure there have been plenty of players that have scored winners and been chosen for Premier League footballer of the year. Doesn't mean they're the 3rd best in the world. Bale won the award totally deservedly, but he's still not the 3rd best player. Just maybe, he had the 3rd best season of anybody in the world this year. One season doesn't tell your true class though. Not enough to put him the likes of Ribery, Iniesta, Zlatan...
Played a jazz version with a band on a jazz festival of this a week ago. Came up with an arrangement I could play on solo piano. Would add so much if only you could add the beat to it.
That explains how he can afford to wear all Margiela.
Brck with skinnier sleeves and different shoes would look really good.
Heh, have been listening to them a lot lately, and tried out some of their songs, too.
Thought I might as well post this here. Recorded my first ever cover of me singing a couple days ago.
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