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Nah. Was going to only buy regular glasses, but you got a pair of prescription sunglasses for free when you bought them, so I got those too.
New glasses in 10-15 days.
I've got 215 sq ft, plus a community kitchen.
A delicate way to ask if one wants balls in his mouth.
Only if you're hiking in the desert.
Thread is on fire. Toasty with a rare colorful fit in SWD, and doing it well, imo. PS. Never had oysters.
Yeah I noticed the fit is a bit off on the blazer if I'm not wearing a button-up. Think the sleeves are bunching because my arm isn't straight, and the sleeves could be a bit slimmer as I have insanely skinny arms.
Going to play some sort of benefit gig. Anybody got any recommendations for lightwashed jeans?
Stanley van Rapepope
It's a mold of miran's dick.
New Posts  All Forums: