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Hi, my last pair were ruined so I would like to buy another pair in a 28 ideally but will consider other close sizes. The sooner the better, thanks
Pretty much what it says, mine got ruined in the wash by a friend and I need a replacement pair, they don't need to be new or anything, just not very heavily used
If you have any/see any for sale, drop me a message. Cheers
APC New Cure tagged 26, been worn maybe 10 - 15 times, the fading is barely visible in real life, the flash seems to accentuate it, no hints of any fading elsewhere, crotch looks as new. $100 if gifted, 4% if not, shipped to EU, slightly more for the rest of the world. If any additional pictures are required don't hesitate to ask, I'll be more than happy to take more.
Selling a TOJ1 2011, size 44 +1 length. Bought off sufu about 2 months ago, is a bit too small for me to wear or else I'd keep, only tried on 3-4 times by me and only tried on by the previous owner. It has a black reverse and is in basically perfect condition, literally no visible flaws that I can see. $250 shipped to UK
How so? I just think I look a bit sad, think coming off as a major douche is a bit strong.
Awkward first fit pic , even more awkward that Baconzilla posted the exact same jacket a page ago
From what I checked I'm only super with Magician
Quote: Originally Posted by JapanAlex01 ^ Amen! (Although, I would replace them with the New York Dolls! ) Quote: Originally Posted by JapanAlex01 OK Computer = dog turd.
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