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just buy them both..... then you don't have to be contemplating anything.... other then which to wear
just a question, do you know where I can buy both of those items?
damn, great price!!! Bump for a great seller, I'd buy these if they fit me
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker what. the. fuck. x 3
Quote: Originally Posted by Recoil There probably is a desire for high-end shoes in Toronto but no willingness to pay the price. The problem is you can live in Toronto making decent money living single downtown and Lobbs are still a bit of a stretch. Would someone really spend 1200 bucks after tax on shoes that look, more or less, like a pair for 1/3rd the price. Especially when the one's that are 1/3rd the price are also very nice looking shoes. If...
its not hard to justify the $20,000. its a good investment, an investment in your happines. Quote: Originally Posted by cmrocks The Norton Commando is finally available in Canada. I love this bike but it would be hard to justify spending almost $20,000 on it. Regardless, if I get another motorcycle, it will be between this or the Ducati Monster 1100.
I'm just bitter about paying taxes Quote: Originally Posted by Geoff Gander Hmmmm...ever since I joined SF I notice shoes. When a man walks down the street, I check his soles. If I see leather, I look more closely, and see if I can ID the maker. AE soles are easy to spot - I see a couple of pairs of those on the streets of Ottawa every day. I also see quite a few unidentifiable goodyear-welted soles on older men (probably old Dack's). Some lasts...
Maybe I'll throw in my 2 cents, and just take it with a grain of salt the way I see it, Canada is either you have big $$$ or you don't either you're taxed to death or you're catching all the tax breaks simply I think the the middle class is sort evaporating, that's why either you see cheap Aldo shoes or $3000 Bontoni's and no real middle ground so I have to think the average household doesn't have that much dispoable $$ at the end of the day just my 2 cents
Quote: Originally Posted by Jbreen1 Ha nice. I'll probably wait a month to really try to sell it though. Once spring comes everybody wants to buy bikes. What are you trying to get rid of? I have bunch of vintage Yamaha TZ350's and tons of spares along with that I have a bunch of modern Race parts to sell.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jbreen1 I'm thinking about selling a 2010 BMW GS1200 Adventure with everything to buy a Porsche Cayman. It has the premium package. (heated grips, adjustable suspension, on/off ABS) Also have the full BMW aluminum pannier system. PM for info. LOL I was kinda thinking the samething... selling a few of my bikes and getting a Cayman
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