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when can we expect "generic" colored linens? navy, tan, etc?
watching house of cards on netflix. frank underwood (kevin spacey) needs to "clear his head" in episode 6. he does so by polishing his shoes. can't tell if the shoes are aldens, but the polish and brushes are.
cigar LWB. are these actual options or hypothetical? if the latter, why not a cigar LHS?
any type of polish/creme/whatever you put on a lighter color leather in which the leather is absorbing the content will be ever so slightly darkened. this will fade back to normal over a short period of time. the product in which the least darkening as taken place, in my experience, is neutral cordovan creme. reno is a cleaner just as much as its a conditioner despite what anyone wants to tell you otherwise. saphir creme is purely a conditioner.
this i 100% disagree with.this i 100% agree with.
exactly which further reinforces my point that just because alden says something is wrong, doesn't mean it's wrong.
it's a cleaner/conditioner, which is technically worse because it has turpentine in it, and while the amounts are trace, turpentine is what alden wants you to avoid on shell.
not true. many people in this thread endorse neutral. and that goes more for wax. alden also says never to use a creme polish on shell and i'd argue more than 50% of the people in this thread use reno, which is a creme cleaner/polish.
this. always saphir neutral cordovan for me. on cigar, color 8, ravello. doesn't matter. only cordovan color i use a pigmented creme on is black.
i think the only concern is the heels. again, my experience is the following: the toes aren't an issue. the toes will likely not experience odd wear. due to the lift from the commando studs, you have a solid buffer on the toes. i am VERY hard on my toes. i curve steel toe taps, and i haven't experienced odd toe wear on the commandos. unless you drag your feet, the whole sole will not experience odd wear. they are soft, but again, unless you drag your feet, they should be...
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