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what's aberdeen sizing like? i'm a 7.5D Every Alden Last/8D Plaza
to be fair.... i only own Alden's and Lobb's. to put Alden in the same sentence as Lobb from a construction quality perspective, attention to detail, quality control is just absurd. All my Cordovan, Suede and CXL shoes are Alden, all my formal/calf shoes are Lobb. it's not even a comparison, nor should it be for double-triple the price, but to call Alden's a bargain is just dumb. Alden's are a fetish pure and simple. they are lovely, classic, etc. but the quality isn't...
t rex arms.
the higher end john lobbs like the phillip start at $1,500. normal lobbs are $1,100.
forgive me. it just updated with Xshort. PERFECT!
ugh. EXTRA SHORT SLEEVES! the sleeves are normally so long that making them "short" just makes them normal.
i don't know about LA or SF but B. Nelson carries it. Have them ship it to your hotel or wherever your staying. i travel a lot and do this with many vendors. if you do it a week before your hotel stay and just let the hotel know they're usually pretty good about it.
saw this on instagram a few minutes ago.
you can probably just use reno or minkoil after the reno and with enough brushing the pigment will move around enough to cover the mark. i just brush my indy's for 5 mins after each wear and any scratches are invisible after that.
i agree with the above. alden is just as great at suede as they are with shell. i don't own a single pair of calf aldens and probably never will. shell, suede and cxl for me.
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