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t rex arms.
the higher end john lobbs like the phillip start at $1,500. normal lobbs are $1,100.
forgive me. it just updated with Xshort. PERFECT!
ugh. EXTRA SHORT SLEEVES! the sleeves are normally so long that making them "short" just makes them normal.
i don't know about LA or SF but B. Nelson carries it. Have them ship it to your hotel or wherever your staying. i travel a lot and do this with many vendors. if you do it a week before your hotel stay and just let the hotel know they're usually pretty good about it.
saw this on instagram a few minutes ago.
you can probably just use reno or minkoil after the reno and with enough brushing the pigment will move around enough to cover the mark. i just brush my indy's for 5 mins after each wear and any scratches are invisible after that.
i agree with the above. alden is just as great at suede as they are with shell. i don't own a single pair of calf aldens and probably never will. shell, suede and cxl for me.
when can we expect "generic" colored linens? navy, tan, etc?
watching house of cards on netflix. frank underwood (kevin spacey) needs to "clear his head" in episode 6. he does so by polishing his shoes. can't tell if the shoes are aldens, but the polish and brushes are.
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