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i'd be hesitant to implicate someone like that. i'd like to believe steven and his crew have more integrity than that.
4 shirts total:1 blue pinpoint / 1 white pinpoint.sz. Mcutaway collar.no chest pocket.regular lengthx-short sleeves.1 blue ocbd / 1 white ocbd.sz. Mbuttondown collar.regular chest pocket.regular length (should have gone Short, no big deal though)x-short sleeves.there's seriously just WAY too much value in this MTO shirt program. i'd be happy paying 20% more... but i'm glad i don't have to.
holy crap. i received my MTO shirts today! Adele and everyone even said it was CRAZY fast and would probably never be like this. but boy am i excited. came out perfectly. 11 days from the date of ordering!
i wonder if this is actually true since E width is the UK equivalent to a US D. E is the standard UK width.
to each their own guys. it's not worth arguing. a barrie last LWB is as about as sleek as a brick. it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the design, but there is no point in trying to say the sky is green.
UK 10 = 10.5 Barrie in most cases.
if anything the SWB is MORE versatile because it's a sleeker profile, easier to wear with suits. no less easy to wear with jeans.
my factory finds FOMO is always in contention with my wallet...
wait wait wait wait wait.... this china thing and barrie only thing are april fools jokes right?
okay. i love the higher rise of the 77 and leg width, too. but i don't like the yoke/pocket placement.
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