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to each their own guys. it's not worth arguing. a barrie last LWB is as about as sleek as a brick. it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the design, but there is no point in trying to say the sky is green.
UK 10 = 10.5 Barrie in most cases.
if anything the SWB is MORE versatile because it's a sleeker profile, easier to wear with suits. no less easy to wear with jeans.
my factory finds FOMO is always in contention with my wallet...
wait wait wait wait wait.... this china thing and barrie only thing are april fools jokes right?
okay. i love the higher rise of the 77 and leg width, too. but i don't like the yoke/pocket placement.
what is the difference in fit between the samuel and "the 77." i just picked up a pair of "the 77" but don't see anything about it on your site or mention in this thread.
i feel like i definitely need a napoli jacket for summer in some type of natural/beige/light cotton or linen blend. anything on the horizon?
frans is a real gentleman. great service always.
i've said it before, and as a sufferer of alden addiction myself, buying alden's is like paying someone to spit in your face.
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