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i don't know about slimmer overall, but the lower half of the leg on the walt is a bit flarey. i wouldn't mind the top half staying the same with a slight taper below the knee.
yes. $35.
i'm thinking unconstructed double breasted navy duck canvas MTO with white mother of pearl buttons...
i thought none of the alden stores (madison, dc, sf, carmel) were owned by alden, but that they were franchises?
sky valet has some whiskey LHS in some sizes in the 9/10 range.
epaulet represent. http://www.trashness.com/l-b-m-1911-light-db
i believe i was the first (maybe only?) to receive my MTO shirt delivery.
i'm really glad to see the overwhelming majority of people in this thread coming to leffot's defense. i think every speciality alden retailer (leffot, leather soul) is very openly aware of alden's QC issues and does everything within their power as a vendor to rectify these instances. i've had defective pairs come from both retailers, and both without hesitation offer me well beyond what i would have expected to rectify the situation. buying aldens is similar to riding a...
word. no joke, following this MTO shirt thing.... i've sold 12 shirts on ebay in the last week (gitman, BB BF, T&A, etc.) which has funded my ability to order a second round. right now my shirts are 50% epaulet and 50% j. crew for just crappy casual stuff. if they add the stripes, there's no doubt 100% of my shirts will be epaulet. i also have to say, i am truly truly in awe of how much better the epaulet oxford cloth is compared to gitman. the gitman oxford cloth feels...
well put. like i said... it's very disconcerting that someone would brazenly state: "retailers lie" as a reply to a post addressing a specific retailer.
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