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i have a pair pre-ordered.
10"!!! dear god. that's like swimming.
i don't know about slimmer overall, but the lower half of the leg on the walt is a bit flarey. i wouldn't mind the top half staying the same with a slight taper below the knee.
yes. $35.
i'm thinking unconstructed double breasted navy duck canvas MTO with white mother of pearl buttons...
i thought none of the alden stores (madison, dc, sf, carmel) were owned by alden, but that they were franchises?
sky valet has some whiskey LHS in some sizes in the 9/10 range.
epaulet represent. http://www.trashness.com/l-b-m-1911-light-db
i believe i was the first (maybe only?) to receive my MTO shirt delivery.
i'm really glad to see the overwhelming majority of people in this thread coming to leffot's defense. i think every speciality alden retailer (leffot, leather soul) is very openly aware of alden's QC issues and does everything within their power as a vendor to rectify these instances. i've had defective pairs come from both retailers, and both without hesitation offer me well beyond what i would have expected to rectify the situation. buying aldens is similar to riding a...
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