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what the heck is a kennedy mba?
i was at leffot the other day and saw these. they look very nice. interesting. i don't see a lot of black suede, but these worked pretty well, i thought.
So I am looking at getting a Sid Mashburn suit / Sport coat because it seems to be everything I want style/detail wise, it's fully canvassed, and it seems like a relative steal at $995... only about $100 more than a BB 1818. They even said they'd do the alterations gratis. Any thoughts? It says it's made in Italy, does anyone know the mfgr? These are...
i heard Alden's Color 8 Paste is made by Kiwi. true?
by no standard could the LWB be considered a dress shoe. it's a casual shoe.
it seems like we're all arguing the same point, all caveating that ultimately, the style comes down to personal taste. in which case we can all agree to disagree on two sides of the same coin.
you're absolutely correct.though i'm not speaking expressly about cordovan. i would never own a cordovan dress shoe. i think the shine is tacky/cheap looking in a formal setting. IMO, calf looks far more elegant on a proper black balmoral.there are also far better constructed shoes than alden, i own 5 pairs of alden's, 2 john lobb's, 1 church's, and two crockett's. far and away, they are all constructed more precisely and to a higher standard than alden. of my 5 alden's......
i completely agree. i actually only own various alden boots and various alden loafers. i think boots and loafers is where alden excels. i don't own any alden lace ups. the only alden laceup i would even consider is an LWB... but even then i think there are better constructed options for cheaper.i know... blasphemy.
"Horween’s kudu leather is essentially heavily oiled and hand treated calfskin, done in the same procedure as shell cordovan." - Leather Soul
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