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there's a loophole in the epaulet website where you never have to pay sales tax regardless of where you are. whether or not this loop hole is intentional, it works and i'm glad for it, and i'm sure everyone here is smart enough to figure it out.
check out Baldwin denim for those of you not interested in waiting for the Epaulet. I'm sure I'll get shit for it, but most of the "heritage" American denim producers use Cone Mills denim which, frankly, isn't that great of quality. I've never had a pair of jeans, regardless of brand, that use cone mills that didn't have a crotch blow out within 6 months. Baldwin uses Kurabo which, at least in my experience, is far superior to cone mills. Even A.P.C. crappy chinese milled...
i've definitely had damaged aldens come from leather soul and they definitely went above and beyond to rectify the problem so this is a bit surprising.
no they can't, unless this is recent. because they couldn't 3 months ago. they will do a vibram lugged sole but not alden commando. moulded shoe can do alden commando.
i recently purchased the nano protector as well to apply to some leather soul safari boots. i don't know if you watched the video on the leffot website of the water just running off the shoes, but i tested it and that's exactly what it does. it doesn't change the color at all or do anything to the shoe. it will change the hue a tiny bit if you spray it too close or too much on (i did this in one small spot) but the color change will go away in a few hours. i'm normally...
yes got mine also, about 10 days ago. they are amazing.
just go to b. nelson uptown.
well it's definitely not 404. 403 or 405 is what it is.
and $50 more than the alden stock model.
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